What is Bespoke Packaging and What are the Benefits?


It does not matter what type of products you are offering your customers, they are all going to receive one thing that is the same. We are talking about the packaging. This is something that is very important but undervalued by a lot of businesses. Packaging is the first thing that your customer sees and it is going to have a lasting impression on them. So, why would you not want to invest effort into the packaging?

If you really want to appeal to customers, you can invest in bespoke packaging with your company. Let’s take a look at what this is and what the benefits of it are.

What is Bespoke Packaging?

First of all, it is important to understand what is meant by the term ‘bespoke packaging’. Essentially, this is packaging that is custom designed for your business. It is unique and suitable for you and your customer’s needs. In addition, it tends to be of higher quality and is referred to as luxury packaging. Companies like IPW1 are able to create bespoke packaging for your business base on the requirements that you provide during the design process.

What are the Benefits of Bespoke Packaging? 

Now that you know what bespoke packaging, you are going to be wondering why it is worth your time and money. There are a lot of advantages to enjoy when you invest in bespoke packaging for your business. Let’s take a look at the benefits so that you can decide whether this is the next best move for your brand.

Make a Good First Impression

You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression. So, you have to ensure that you make the effort and try to impress your customers. How can you do this? Bespoke packaging can be the answer. Think about it; a plain brown cardboard box is boring and unoriginal. It can appear cheap and dull. But, if you spend time creating bespoke packaging, you can make the customer sit back and take notice. They are going to be wowed by what they see and you can impress them. Customers are going to know that your brand make a lot of effort with packaging and this is who you are as a company; someone that cares. They are going to remember you and have good things to say.

Go Viral on Social Media

In the age of technology, think about what people do when they receive something cool and an item that they like. They take a photograph of it and post it on social media. This might be a story on Instagram or they make a comment on Twitter. Either way, bespoke packaging captures people’s attention and there is an opportunity for you to go viral on social media. Good packaging is going to be talked about and it can do a lot of marketing for you. Customers will spread the word about your brand and you can gain more sales this way.

Offer a Reusable Item

When you use bespoke packaging, you can offer your customers more than just the product they ordered. If the packaging is sturdy and nicely designed, customers can reuse it for another purpose. It can be used as a display or as storage. Giving people this choice is great as it can be kinder to the environment, which is something that customers are now valuing. So, think about packaging as more than just something to ship products in.

Demonstrate Your Brand

Customers want to learn more about your brand and not just purchase your products. So, the packaging you use can help tell your story and really show customers what you are all about. For example, if you are a business that cares a lot about the environment, this is something that you can demonstrate with your packaging. Remember that customers will become loyal to a brand that they like and believe in. Do not be afraid to show people who you are when you have bespoke packaging.

Stand Out from the Competition

Every business has its competition. When you are offering similar products, you need to do something different to gain the attention of customers. An element like packaging can be the way to go. When you have bespoke and unique packaging, this is going to gain interest. You can have something different that stands out from your competitors and customers are going to like this. You have gone the extra mile and people are going to notice it.

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