What is Black Angus Known For?


If you’re in the cattle business, then you’re aware that there are numerous breeds of cattle available and that some are considered higher quality than others. Black Angus cattle have a reputation for being one of the highest quality there is, and for many good reasons. Here is an overview of what black Angus is known for, which will explain why these cattle are considered to be so superior to other cattle.

The Second Most Popular Type of Cattle

Black Angus cattle originate from Scotland, where it remains the most popular brand of beef in the United Kingdom. While Black Angus is the second most popular breed of cattle worldwide, Black Angus is the most common purebred cattle in the United States, and there are greater than 350,000 registered Black Angus cattle. Since their area of origin typically has very cold, stormy, and snowy winter weather, Black Angus cattle are tough and can withstand harsh winter environments when other breeds are unable to. These robust cattle can survive year-round in most environments, which is one reason why Black Angus has been so sought after.

Black Angus cattle produce smaller calves for a good reason

While it might seem as if the larger the calf the better, this isn’t always the case. The larger the calf, the more likely it is for the mother to experience birthing issues. Birthing issues can lead to a longer than normal recovery time for the mother or even the death of a cow or its calf. Sometimes calves are simply too large to fit through their mothers’ pelvic reasons, so these births need to be assisted by experienced veterinarians. Cows experiencing difficult births also have an increased chance of giving birth to sickly calves that fail to thrive as expected. These types of birthing problems are almost non-exist in cattle where both parents are Black Angus. However, some farmers attempt to yield larger calves, so they impregnate their Black Angus cows with the semen of much larger breed bulls. A reputable Black Angus rancher or farmer will ensure that all the livestock are Black Angus, so this problem very rarely occurs.

American Angus Association memberships offer great benefits

It is recommended that any farmer or rancher interested in Black Angus cattle become a member of the American Angus Association, as it can be very beneficial in a number of ways. There are five different memberships to choose from: Life, Regular, Junior, Conversion to Regular, and Non-Resident. Each membership level offers different benefits, from access to marketing tools to publications like MaternalPlus, GeneMax, as well as Angus Herd Improvement records, all of which can be very helpful to livestock owners. Membership fees are as low as $20 a year to as much as a one-time fee of $1,500 for a lifetime membership, which most farmers and ranchers feel is well worth the cost. The publications and marketing tools can really help a new farmer get his or her name out there, so he or she can gain new buyers interested in the milk and cattle.

Large and robust cattle

Black Angus cows and bulls are known for being on the larger size, and these robust and attractive animals are typically medium to large in size when compared to bulls of other breeds. Black Angus bulls’ weight averages just under 1900 pounds, while the average Black Angus cow weighs around 1200 pounds. This livestock thrives in snowy, cold weather, and they are known for having calm temperaments, which makes interacting with them much safer and easier. Black Angus cattle are also known for their resistance to cancer due to the darker pigmentation of their hides, which provides protection. While other cattle might be more susceptible to developing cancer and suffering from sun and snow-burned utters, Black Angus cattle almost never experience these problems.

Easy to find from reliable sources

It is relatively easy to find high-quality Black Angus cattle as long as you seek out a reliable seller. When purchasing black Angus cattle, in order to ensure you’re getting the quality that you expect, you need to find a reliable rancher to purchase from. Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch is a reputable ranch in Montana that offers premium black Angus cattle for sale. Lost Lake Ranch is a family-owned business that has been providing high-quality livestock for nearly 100 years. Harrer’s prides itself on having always been an all-Angus ranch that offers cattle bred in a manner that ensures premium quality.

Large sales on large cattle

In 2019, the United States had over 304,000 registered Angus cattle in its system. Montana registered the most Black Angus cattle, at just under 31,000, while Nebraska came in second at just below 25,000, and Texas came in third with slightly less than 21,000 registered Black Angus cattle. That’s a lot of sales on these premium cattle.

Most sought after meat at the supermarket

Many consumers prefer premium Black Angus beef over the “standard” kinds. There are many reasons that increasing amounts of beef eaters prefer Black Angus beef. First of all, Angus beef has marbled fat on the meat that is pretty distinctive. This marbling renders the Black Angus meat a lot more tender than standard beef, which to many is desirable. Another reason why people prefer Black Angus meat is that it has a delicious flavor that people love, and it is also juicier than regular beef. Despite the fact that Black Angus beef costs about 10% more than USDA beef, people are willing to pay more for the superior flavor and texture of Black Angus steaks and other cuts of beef.


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