What is Community Care? A Retiree’s Guide


What is Community Care? A Retiree’s Guide

If you’re a retiree, the world truly is your oyster. Never have travel, property ownership or aged care options been as accessible as they are today, and it’s only getting better. If you are in the majority of people who have been planning and anticipating your next steps, then community care would be a concept you might have stumbled upon. If you have only just started your fact-finding journey, let’s take a closer look at community care and what it can mean for a retiree. 

Firstly, what does community care really mean?

When it comes to aged care, you can think of community care as one of the more entry-level formats, attracting many due to the independent and flexible lifestyle it affords. Essentially, community care looks a little different for every recipient, with housework, transport, gardening and specialist care provided to you at your own home. As a retiree, why occupy the free time you have earned with tasks that might be too tricky or inconvenience to uphold? If mobility is a challenge, community care can eliminate any daily friction you might encounter, so you can get back to what is important with a carer taking on those pesky tasks.

Easy to scale up or down your level of community care

One of the reasons that retirees prefer community care over any other option is that you can start with one day or small responsibilities covered, and then add on additional days and services if and when you require them. If it’s the permanent aspect of aged care that you can’t quite commit to now you are a retiree, start talking to some providers in your area to learn about their community care arrangements and what they can offer to assist you and your new lifestyle

Affordable pricing 

Just like the care itself, the pricing of community care is flexible and dependent on a number of factors. Recipients of this type of care can also pay for this service through their retirement fund relevant to their country (superannuation, 401K etc) just like Heritage Care Bayswater North. There are also government benefits that can pay a sizeable sum of the overall price, so, fortunately, price doesn’t need to be a driving factor in the retiree planning or decision making phase. There are of course additional packages and features that can be requested, like private care, so be sure to explore all your options and ask for transparency on a price before you proceed with a community care option.

Peace of mind and freedom of choice for your family

A key reason community care is so popular is that retirees don’t want to task their family with jobs that can otherwise be carried out by a carer. This means that family time is then enjoyed celebrating, travelling, dining and enjoying one another’s company rather than attaching a care element that might make you feel like you are burdening your family.

Community care also offers the benefit of your family having total peace of mind knowing that you are being well looked after and in the company of friendly and professional carers who can have your home, diet and health managed accordingly. It’s so important that you include your family in any decision pertaining to your health and lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to ask their opinion on certain community care providers and inclusions.

As a retiree, there is so much to look forward to so you want to make the right aged care choice that will allow you to enjoy the finer things in life. Consider community care in your early retirement, as the freedom it will give you might make these golden years even more spontaneous and colourful with the basics being taken care of.

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