What is Concrete Lifting?


Concrete is one of the most durable building materials out there, which is why it is used so often in infrastructure. However, even concrete cannot resist the effects of wear and tear and the natural elements forever, so it’s normal to see concrete surfaces become uneven over time. This happens when one part of a concrete slab dips down, causing a tilting effect that throws the entire surface off-level. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem: concrete lifting.

Understanding Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting is an engineering procedure that visibly raises uneven concrete by targeting the foundation beneath it. The sinking concrete slab is physically lifted and then concrete levelling foam is injected underneath. The foam will harden and form a level surface for the slabs to be placed back on top of. If you have fully smoothed out the foam before it dried, you’ll have a smooth surface to re-lay your concrete slabs. The foam dries in minutes, so it’s a short procedure that immediately lifts your concrete back up to the right level.

Why is Concrete Lifting Necessary?

It becomes necessary to lift concrete when you can see that the foundations underneath are not strong enough to hold up their weight anymore. Usually, this is because concrete slabs are placed on top of the soil, and soft soil will not be able to withstand the crushing weight of solid concrete on top of it for long. So, it is necessary to provide a more stable base for the slaps to sit atop, which will even out the surface and also stop the concrete from dropping down again.

Concrete levelling foam is long-lasting, so it will form a new foundation for the concrete. This means that you likely won’t have to worry about lifting the concrete again any time soon, giving you peace of mind and saving you money in the long run. If you don’t lift the concrete as soon as you can, the slabs will continue to tilt and sink, which will allow rainwater and debris to get underneath them and start eroding the concrete itself.

Why is Concrete Lifting a Good Idea?

Concrete lifting is essential for streets, homes and businesses alike because natural degradation over time can seriously un-level concrete slabs and turn them into a trip hazard. Falling over on concrete can cause serious pain and injury to a person, so it’s important that any uneven concrete is lifted as soon as you notice the problem. If not, you or somebody else could really hurt themselves, and if the uneven concrete is located on your business site, you could be liable to pay the injured party compensation.

Concrete lifting is a cheaper and easier procedure than concrete replacement, which entails taking out the damaged, uneven slabs and refilling the gaps with fresh concrete. This makes it a viable procedure for homeowners and small businesses who can’t afford to hire concrete contractors to curate entire new surfaces to access. This is especially important for businesses because having safe walking spaces is an absolute must and uneven concrete can greatly hinder your working day.

What are the Alternatives to Concrete Lifting?

Mud jacking is one of the most popular alternatives to concrete lifting; however it is not preferable because takes longer and the results don’t last as long. Mud jacking is a similar procedure to concrete lifting, except the new foundation is made of mud instead of levelling foam. The mud is driven into holes carved into the concrete slabs to even them out and give them a more stable foundation, but you may have to repeat this procedure again in as little as two years. Concrete lifting, on the other hand, lasts indefinitely.

Another similar alternative is to create new foundations out of sand mix (a mixture of concrete and sand). Using sand mix can cause problems if you use the wrong type of sand, so, again, it is a more convoluted process than using concrete levelling foam. If the sand is too sharp, the mixture will become brittle, and if you don’t mix it effectively enough, it will not form the solid foundation that heavy concrete slabs require.

Ultimately, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money by choosing concrete lifting over alternatives. Any good concrete contractors will recommend using concrete levelling foam to repair uneven concrete, and you’ll know that you got the best deal for the best price.



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