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What is Fluoride Varnish Used For

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Fluoride is a product commonly used in different dental care practices. It is widely used because of the benefits linked to it, and you will find it in most products meant for dental care. A good example is your regular toothpaste which contains the mineral in smaller amounts. Fluoride meant for routine treatments is usually in high concentrations. You can find it in products such as fluoride varnish or gel. Such procedures are mostly carried out once a year. Using fluoride in higher amounts can lead to the damage and discoloration of your teeth that is why these procedures should be carried out once in a while.

Fluoride varnish treatment is the most common procedure in such a treatment. The gel, which is usually golden in color, is applied to your teeth using a special soft brush or applicator. It is allowed to stay on your teeth for a while for its effect to start taking place. Before applying it, you are advised to ensure your teeth are completely clean for the mineral to work effectively. One thing you can do is undergo deep cleaning to remove plaque and other tough stains from your teeth. During this procedure, prophy paste will be used to help in the elimination of those tough stains and leave the surface of your teeth smooth. You can now have the product applied to your teeth. Fluoride varnish should stay on your teeth for about six hours before you remove it through regular brushing and rinsing.

Uses of Fluoride Varnish

Most people who have not had the chance to use this product or are not familiar with it should know that it has a wide range of benefits. It can be used to treat a variety of dental conditions and also keep your teeth in good shape. The following are some of the common uses of fluoride varnish.

Teeth Strengthening

It is the most popular use of this product. Fluoride varnish helps in the restoration of your worn out teeth because it contains compounds that help in the strengthening of your enamel. Once it is applied, they will be deposited in your teeth and help them grow strong. The other thing this product does is it helps in preventing the demineralization of your teeth. Demineralization usually occurs when bacteria on your teeth break down starchy foods to produce acids that lead to the wearing out of your teeth, making them weak. Fluoride varnish treatment will leave your teeth stronger.

Preventing Cavities

Fluoride varnish is also used in preventing cavities that form on your teeth when you fail to observe proper oral care procedures. These are holes and cracks that come about as a result of the same acid action caused by bacteria on your teeth. Your enamel will become weak, and holes or cracks may start forming. Failure to take quick measures to improve your state will worsen your situation. The cavities on your teeth may become deeper and expose you to gum infections. The best thing you should do is take early measures that prevent the formation of holes on your teeth. You should use fluoride varnish to prevent the formation of cavities on your teeth.

Tooth Decay Prevention

Fluoride varnish plays an essential role in preventing your teeth from decaying. Bacteria on your teeth result in the wearing out of your enamel, exposing them to cavities and decay. This is something that can be prevented easily when you undergo fluoride treatment. Fluoride varnish makes your enamel hard, keeping your teeth resistant to acid action that results in decay.

Treat Gum Disease and Other Infections

The other way fluoride varnish can be of great significance in the treatment of gum diseases and other oral infections. This may not be a direct benefit, but it still counts. Using this product prevents bacteria inhibition on your teeth. Bacteria on your teeth is responsible for a wide range of dental conditions. Using fluoride varnish keeps your teeth stronger and free from bacteria. You will be free from gum infection and other conditions that may occur as a result.

What to Expect on Your First Fluoride Varnish Treatment

A dentist is the best person to carry out such a treatment on you. Do visit them in their wonderful dental clinics to have the procedure carried out successfully. There are several things you will be taken through when you go for such a treatment. Here is what you should expect when going for your first fluoride varnish treatment.

Dental Examination

You will be welcomed to the facility by a receptionist who will take down a few details, including the procedure you are about to undergo before ushering go to the Dentist In Flint. The dentist will examine your teeth to check its state and identify whether there are other conditions you are experiencing. Visiting a clinic with modern equipment will help ensure you are correctly examined before proceeding with the treatment. This kind of examination also helps them establish the right concentration of fluoride for your treatment.


Your dentist will also let you know about the procedure and most importantly everything you may wish to know about fluoride varnish. They do give you a brief explanation about the application process, what you should do, and what to avoid once you are done with the procedure. This is vital in preparing you for the whole process.

Dental Cleaning

It is not compulsory, but it depends on the state of your teeth during that moment. Your dentist can examine you and notice that you have high plaque buildup on your teeth. This may not guarantee you effective fluoride varnish treatment because it will not be absorbed in your teeth as required. You may be taken through deep cleaning to get rid of plaque and stains that can affect fluoride action on your teeth during this treatment.

Fluoride Varnish Application

Your dentist will apply the product gently to your teeth after establishing everything is okay. A special brush is used in the process to ensure the product is evenly distributed on your teeth. Once the application is done, you are required to stay with it on your teeth for some time. This gives room for fluoride to act on your teeth. You can later on brush and rinse it from your teeth.

Aftercare procedures have to be followed to ensure you get quality results from using the product. One of the things you will be advised to do is avoid hot foods or beverages. This is because they may affect fluoride action. Your teeth are also sensitive during such a period, so you may experience severe pain when you take hot foods or beverages. You will also be advised to avoid hard, crunchy foods that can increase sensitivity after the procedure. Everything will be okay in less than twelve hours after the procedure, and then you can continue taking such foods. You can carry out this procedure by yourself at home. All you need to do is look for the right products which are sold openly in various stores and online shops. Your dentist will advise you on the right products to choose for your home treatment and how you should go about it. Make good use of fluoride varnish to develop healthy teeth.

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