What is Gothic Fashion?


For a variety of reasons, the gothic aesthetic is appealing. It could be a means for someone to express themselves, connect with a particular subculture, or be out of personal preference. Many people are drawn to gothic fashion as a way of expressing their individuality and nonconformity and rebelling against societal expectations and mainstream fashion norms. It serves as a means for some people to express their identification with the goth subculture and a sense of connection with others who have similar interests and values. 

With its own color scheme, rich fabrics, and dramatic silhouettes, the mysterious, dark, and frequently romantic style of gothic fashion can also be a powerful attraction. Additionally, gothic fashion may be seen as an artistic expression, allowing people to experiment with various trends, materials, and accessories to create distinctive and eye-catching appearances. Additionally, adopting a gothic style can be empowering, providing a statement of confidence, self-assurance and independence. Overall, gothic clothing gives a unique and varied way to express oneself that connects with the aesthetics, hobbies, and personal convictions of individuals who embrace it.

Members of the Goth subcultures wear this style of clothes. Moreover, the typical Gothic fashion includes dark clothing, dark lipstick, and dyed black hair. Both females and males can wear dark nail polish and dark eyeliner – most often black.

Compared to the other men, male Goths use cosmetics at a higher rate. Gothic fashion borrows styles from Elizabethans, Victorians, and punk fashion. People confuse Goth fashion with emo fashion and heavy metal fashion – they all are unique and different. Moreover, Gothic fashion is becoming an inspiration for styles that are not Goth. Also check out gothic pendant collection as well.

How to get into the Gothic fashion

How to get into the Gothic fashion

It may be challenging to get into Gothic fashion as you need to have a thorough knowledge. However, if conceived correctly, Gothic fashion can look extraordinary and fabulous in the fashion world. You can start slowly with the style as you would not want to feel uncomfortable and be criticized for the uneven changes.

Moreover, for more emphasis, you can use different hair accessories and pick multi-colored hair. But, for Gothic style, black tends to be the favorite base color. To feel the power and fun of the Gothic fashion style, wear at least one element of this style on yourself.

Gothic Fashion Style

Gothic fashion is a subculture recognized for its dark, mysterious, and sometimes macabre aesthetic that includes clothing and accessories. The 1980s saw a rise in the popularity of the gothic fashion movement, which was started in the late 1970s as a means of self-expression for those who identify with the goth subgroups. 

Typically, this clothing style is distinguished by its dark color palette, which frequently features black as the predominant shade. You might also utilize other dark hues like rich blues, dark reds, and deep purples. With an emphasis on layering and texture, the clothes are typically loose-fitting with dramatic silhouettes. Velvet, lace, leather, and silk are all found in Gothic clothing.

You can distinguish Goth fashion by smoky makeup, elegant wardrobe pieces, mystery, and darkness. However, it surprises some people that not all Goths wear black all the time. The common thing that all Goths have is the aspiration to stick out in a society considered too conformist. The typical Gothic fashion consists of black fingernails, black period-style clothing, dyed black hair, and dark eyeliner.

Lace, corsets, velvet, leather, or gloves are several other fabric pieces or fashions associated with Gothic fashion. There are numerous substyles under the Goth umbrella, and this is one of the exciting aspects of this mysterious style. 

The Gothic Clothing

Women and men who are into Gothic fashion style ensure they have studs or cloaks, combat boots, bustiers, corsets, strictly black or crimson clothes in their wardrobe, and ankle boots. Everything from the faux leather fabrics, the imaginary lines, and sturdy buckles, and beautiful satin also make a spectacular combination of this style.

A Goth can wear black work boots, along with ripped back t-shirts, old-style high shoes, a velvet skirt, or a crushed purple vest. Goths wear black lipstick, black nail polish, and dark eye makeup. As with the punks, piercings and tattoos were usual among Goths. Moreover, several people pick ancient Celtic designs.

Types of Gothic fashion 

There are several subtypes of Goth: renaissance, glitter Goth, vampires, antique, Victorian, corporate Goth, cyber Goth, and many others. General depressive moods, craving for art, and accented aristocratic style unite most of these types. 

1. Ancient Goth 

Ancient Goth 

The outfits included in the Ancient Goth style resemble fashion trends of 18-19 centuries. The prime features of this style include veils, elbows-length gloves, corsets, lace, and long dresses reaching the floor. Men rock tailcoats and cylinders. Moreover, the Ancient Goth style reflects the elements of neo-Gothic and romanticism.

However, “Ancient goth” can be used to describe two distinct ideas. Mainly, in terms of history, the Goths were a Germanic people that were influential in European history throughout the Late Roman Empire era. They were recognized for their unique culture, which included their language, rituals, and attire. As fashion trends and aesthetics have changed substantially through time, the Goths did not have a particular fashion style that can be classed as “ancient goth” in the modern sense. On the other hand, in contemporary alternative fashion, the term “ancient goth” may refer to a look that takes cues from traditional gothic components, including those found in Renaissance or medieval attire. For example, natural fiber clothes with corsets, lace, and metal elements, as well as dark, rich hues and accessories like chokers, rings, and brooches, can be used to create a medieval and gothic-inspired style.

2. Traditional Goths

Traditional Goths

The gothic subculture’s roots in post-punk and new wave music, with bands like Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and The Cure serving as significant influences, are sometimes incorporated with the traditional goth’s preference for a more refined and elegant appearance. Moreover, traditional goths have a unique ethos that includes a feeling of independence, a connection to gothic literature and art, and a respect for the darker and more enigmatic parts of life in addition to their wardrobe choices. Within the gothic subculture, they frequently place importance on individuality, creativity, and a sense of community.

Imagine a black-haired guy or a girl flaunting a mesh top, dressed in unisex outfits, a tight skirt or leather pants, torn black shoes, and tights. Eye-catching makeup, piercing, pale skin – this is the usual portrait of a traditional Goth.

3. Gypsy Goths 

Gypsy Goths 

Gypsy Goths are beautiful and exciting in their way. Moreover, the characteristics of this style of clothing are flamenco dresses with a complex structure and maxi skirts. Gothic girls flaunt leather corsets and blouses with wide sleeves. Lace and velvet are the frequent fabrics of Gypsy Gothic. 

Moreover, preferred colors are scarlet, purple, black, dark blue, burgundy, and dark green.

4. Victorian Goths

Victorian Goths

Victorian goths are frequently dressed in garments reminiscent of the styles popular in the 19th century, including corsets, bustles, long flowing skirts, and materials made of lace, velvet, and brocade. They could include top hats, umbrellas, gloves, and cameo jewelry. Dark, rich hues that inspire a feeling of mystery and grandeur are frequently utilized in Victorian Gothic clothing, including black, deep red, purple, and navy.

In addition to embracing the romance and morbidity of the Victorian era, Victorian Goths may also be fans of gothic literature, especially the works of authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker. They might also be drawn to Victorian architecture and interior design, favoring elaborate and intricate details. This style is a variety of Ancient Gothic. Such outfits are suitable for photoshoots, Victorian picnics, or Gothic balls rather than for everyday wear. Nevertheless, the Victorian style has the most significant places in Gothic fashion.

5. Steampunk Gothic 

Steampunk Gothic 

Some people think Steampunk does not belong to the Gothic, but many Gothic designers create clothing pieces with the steampunk style influence. Moreover, a lot of Goths wear outfits of this style. However, steampunk fashion is different from other Gothic styles because it emerged from their taste in literature instead of the musical preferences of its wearers. 

Nevertheless, the Goths enthusiastically and warmly accepted this style into their community, and now Steampunk is a very smash-hit style.

6. Cybergoth 


It is a quirky and peculiar gothic trend that combines industrial and traditional gothic elements in their outfits. Features of cyberpunk culture, over knee boots with exceptionally high platforms, and artificial fabrics, most often of fluorescent or bright acidic color, dominate the clothes of this style.

Mohawks or dreadlocks are the most well-known styles. Female cyber Goth prefers vibrant pantyhose, vinyl miniskirts, and stockings. And also, the top revealing the belly and the back. Both women and men rock t-shirts with thematic prints, PU suits or one-piece latex, mesh waistcoats with zippers, tight pants/leggings made of latex, leather, or vinyl.

7. Vampire Style

Vampire Style

One of the most recognizable and famous gothic styles is the Vampire style. Vampire Gothesses tend to give their image a touch of drama and emphasize their sexuality. They achieve this with vibrant red shades in lipsticks, immaculately white skin, manicure, and other accessories. Men dress in white shirts with ruffles, leather pants, camisoles, and raincoats. 

The Vampire Style Goths frequently find the mystique and allure of vampires to be fascinating. They may find inspiration in various vampire-related media, including vampire books, movies, TV episodes, and music. They might also relate to the vampiric symbolism, which includes immortality, darkness, sensuality, and rebellion. The vampire style place emphasis on a contrast of rich red and black colors.

8. Western Goths 

Western Goths 

Western Goths are a subgenre of gothic fashion that incorporates American Wild West and cowboy culture elements into their look. They are also known as Wild West Goths or Cowboy Goths. The unusual appearance mixes dark and edgy features with rugged and rustic elements because of this unique fusion of gothic and Western influences.

The band ‘Fields of the Nephilim’ generated this exclusive trend of Gothic fashion. Both women and men prefer cowboy-style leather pants with lacing and fringe, wide-brimmed hats, as well as vests and leader jackets. The usual accessories are revolvers and whips.

9. Tribal Goths 

Tribal Goths frequently dress in clothing and accessories with tribal or ethnic prints, textiles, or patterns, such as those with African, Native American, Middle Eastern, or Asian influences. In order to give their clothing and accessories an earthy and organic feel, they may also add components like beads, shells, feathers, and other natural materials. 

Moreover, tribal Goth is one of the curious Gothic substyles. The aesthetics of tribal Goths is close to the modern primitives. Moreover, the highlight of this style is brands or scars and a number of piercings (pierced nipples, lips, nose rings). Tribal Goths wear different clothes but frequently rock fetish outfits or net sweaters. They prefer bracelets, necklaces, and silver or metal chains. 

10. Glitter Goths 

Faerie Goths or Glitter Goths is a kitsch mix of different colors and styles. As a subcategory of gothic fashion, glitter goths—also referred to as sparkle goths or glittery goths—incorporate glam, glitter, and shimmer into their looks. This distinctive and eye-catching look departs from the standard dark and monochrome gothic color scheme with its daring use of sparkly materials, sparkling accessories, and brilliant hues.

Goth girls wear dresses, skirts, and tops of various colors (light green, pink, etc.). Although, black clothing combined with ablaze tights is also regular among Glitter Goths. And they finish their look with long bright-colored wigs. However, this style is not very popular among men.

11. J-Gothic Style

J-Gothic Style

This style has currently burst into the world of Gothic fashion. The letter J in J-Gothic implies Japan. J-Goths attempts to look like anime characters by staying within the Gothic rules. They wear contrasting makeup and dark clothes.

The music and subculture that are connected with the J-Gothic style are also essential. Japanese gothic and alternative music genres like visual kei, which involves ornate and extravagant costumes, makeup, and hairstyles, frequently influence J-Gothic fashion. This fashion also integrates traditional Japanese accessories like obi belts and hair ornaments, Victorian-inspired skirts with Japanese themes, and kimono-inspired designs.

12. Corporate Goth 

Corporate Goth

Goths working in offices with a strict dress code do not get the chance to wear Gothic-themed clothing. So, in this regard, the corporate Goth fashion has emerged with a reduced number of accessories and makeup. Corporate Goths wear black pencil skirts with white lace shirts and strict midi black dresses instead of stunning Gothic outfits.


In general, Goth fashion is original and unique. Flamboyant personalities chose this style, and not every individual has enough courage to pull off Gothic fashion. However, if you want to enjoy this exciting style but are not fully ready, you can start with adding a few elements to your wardrobes, such as Gothic earrings, necklaces, or rings.

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