What Is Home Security, and How Does It Work?


Just like the name suggests, a home security system is a way of securing a home through interconnected electronic devices and components to protect the house against burglars or intruders.  There are many benefits of installing a home security system in your home, including giving you peace of mind. Most homeowners, regardless of their home size, use the same home security system, the only difference being the number of devices that one will use to monitor their homes.

A home security system has the following components:

  • A control panel that controls the home’s security system
  • Interior and Exterior motion sensors
  • Window and door sensors
  • An alarm or siren
  • Security cameras, both wired and wireless
  • Window stickers and a yard sign.

So how does a security system work?

Control Panel

A control panel is what arms and disarms your security system, sounds the alarm if there is a breach in the security zone, connects all the installed devices, and sends an alarm to the security company that there might be an intruder.  Control panels are protected by passcodes which a homeowner enters to arm or disarm the security system.  Modern control panels have been modified to work on voice commands and programmed to work with wireless remotes.

Motion Sensors

When motion sensors are activated at a specific space, they will tip off the alarm if there is a breach in that area. Most people use motion sensors for rooms that have valuables such as precious jewelry or art pieces. However, they can also be used for exterior spaces, especially at night or when they are away from home.

Window and Door Sensors

When door and window sensors are activated, they automatically communicate to the control panel to trip the alarm if the door or window is opened.  Ensure that all the family members are inside the house before arming these sensors; otherwise, someone may be coming late and end up tripping the alarm.

An Alarm/ Siren

An alarm system will go off if there has been a security breach at your place, alerting you of a possible intrusion.  An alarm system should be loud enough to scare away intruders and alert the neighbors that you may be in potential danger.  That way, they can alert law enforcement to help. When some alarm systems go off, they can also alert the home security company that you are in danger.

Security Cameras

When placed in strategic locations, security cameras can promote the overall security of your home.  They can help you monitor remote places like garages, workshops, or distant areas on your property.  You can also place them on entry points to see who is at your door or gate.  Modern surveillance devices allow you to monitor your property remotely, reducing your worries while away.  Parents can also monitor the time the kids arrive home or watch for any deliveries.

Window Stickers and Yard Sign

Many people think that these signs are just a marketing tool for home security companies.  However, by placing a security sticker on your property, you send a message to intruders that a security system protects your home.  Most security companies recommend having these signs on your property. Here you can buy security signs for property. They are easy to install, and they come in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose what suits you. View more security devices that you can install at your home and what they would cost you.

You do not need to install all the above security systems in your home to ensure your safety. When choosing a security system, there are factors to consider, like your budget and the rate of insecurity in the area. In the end, find something that works well for you.



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