What is last mile delivery tracking and why is it so important to logistics companies?


It’s no lie that logistics companies have a lot on their plate. They are under a lot of stress to help both the customer and their employer have a good experience when working with them. This is why they need so many different types of software and extra services to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. 

What is an example of one of these important software?

One of these services is called last mile delivery tracking. It is one of the most important pieces of software that they have in their inventory. But, the likelihood of you have heard of this is actually quite slim. 

What is last mile delivery tracking?

Last mile delivery tracking is software that helps logistics firms keep track of their deliveries. This is used when an item is being transported from a storage location to the customer’s location. This is generally used to keep the customer informed and can also help with route planning if there is a diversion or a traffic delay. There can be a big problem if this particular journey isn’t monitored, as it’s keeping both the client and the customer in the dark about the delivery. 

Why is it so important?

CartonCloud is an incredibly vital warehouse management software. Mainly, it does two very important things, which can help the logistics company give new and up-to-date information to both the store owner or business and the customer as to the whereabouts of the product. 

Reason #1 – helps give more accurate ETAs

Last mile delivery tracking helps businesses give their customers far more accurate ETAs (Expected Time of Arrival). 45% of customers are far more likely to not recommend delivery services that turn up later than their ETA suggests, which can be an unfair representation of the business. It can be a shame for the driver and the logistics firm if such things couldn’t be helped, so it’s best for them to keep communication levels high to avoid this. 

Reason #2 – helps safety

Last mile delivery tracking also helps the fleets operate safely. It can help the trackers know where they are at all times, and if something bad occurs, such as a breakdown or a collision, they can quickly spring into action and help reduce the downtime that the incident will cause them. It can also alert them if one of their drivers has done something illegal such as speeding or a hit and run if they are pressed for time. 

In conclusion

Last mile delivery tracking helps in a lot of ways. Not only does it help with communication between the product recipient and the product dispatcher, but it also helps keep drivers safe and keeps logistics firms as in control as they can be. It can also help them when it comes to looking at a whole fleet’s safety, as individual tracking helps them monitor each vehicle and therefore each parcel to be delivered. 

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