What is LetsExchange and how does it work?


What is LetsExchange and how does it work?LetsExchange is a versatile multi-currency instant exchange platform. Here you can sell and buy almost any cryptocurrency, quickly, at the best rate and completely anonymously. LetsExchange performs the same functions as the classic service, but better. Its services can be used by people with different levels of experience: beginners, experienced traders and people who occasionally need to transfer their coins into a different asset.

How LetsExchange differs from the traditional service

Traditional platforms always have a pool of liquidity for each of the currencies that are traded on it. This pool serves as both a guarantee and a restriction on the transaction. If the customer needs to buy more coins than they currently have in stock, the deal will not go through.

The fundamental difference between instant exchange services and traditional platforms is the absence of their own liquidity pool. The platform itself acts as a large client, pulling liquidity from major players in the cryptocurrency market. This completely eliminates the loss of time due to the lack of the required cryptocurrency.

How does this happen

The LetsExchange home page contains an all-in-one widget. To convert LTC to BTC or any other of almost 300 coins, you need:

  • Choose the type of currency;
  • In the upper field, indicate its name and the amount of the sale;
  • In the lower field, indicate the name of the coin to buy;
  • Make the deposit;
  • Enter the address of your crypto wallet;
  • Press the “change” button.

The SmartRate system will then start processing your request. It will review offers on all traditional exchanges available and compare conditions. The program is impartial, it is not distracted by the design and unfamiliar interface. It is only interested in the current rate of a given cryptocurrency pair and a sufficient supply of liquidity. Once it finds the best deal, the deal will be completed. The program will send the proceeds to the client’s wallet. The most time consuming part of the conversion is finding or waiting for the best exchange conditions. The program does this part of the work hundreds of times faster and more efficiently than a human. The conversion speed depends only on the speed of transaction registration in the block chain.

The further the better

Fast swaps are only a part of the advantages of the platform. In addition to it, the client receives:

Best rates. The program selects it from several dozen available deals.

Completely anonymous crypto exchange for LetsExchange. Unlike traditional sites, registration and any other actions associated with confirming the identity of the client are not required here. You do not upload confidential information to the Internet, which means that you reduce the likelihood of its theft and misuse.

Non-custodial services. The platform does not store customer coins. Perhaps this is not always convenient, but this is how you know for sure: your funds remain in your complete possession and disposal.

Validated coins. All transactions are made only after preliminary verification of coins. This eliminates the possibility of losing the client’s funds.

Safety. The platform is protected from DDoS attacks and uses an SSL certificate.

Transparency. If you need transaction details, just enter your email address and download it after the swap is over.

Friendly customer support. If something goes wrong, these people are ready to solve the problem at any time of the day.


Finding the best deal yourself or entrusting this work to SmartRate – only you choose. Having an understanding of how LetsExchange works will make it much easier for you to do this.

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