What Is Meant By A Hopeless Romantic?


Do you have that one friend who has been pining over that one girl you all went to college with and still imagines a future with? Or are you yourself that friend and you can’t seem to shake her off? Because that indeed is a case of being a hopeless romantic and being terribly bitten by the love bug!

But even though you may or may not be a hopeless romantic, the hopeless romantic meaning seems to be very negatively understood and portrayed. It’s almost considered synonymous with a person who is always on the losing end of the one sided love or someone who keeps getting their heart broken. And that’s not entirely true. Let’s see how.

What Is A Hopeless Romantic?

A hopeless romantic is not somebody with hopeless luck in love. Infact, if anything, the truth about them is that they experience true love in all it’s glory. People consider them irrational or delusional but the last thing that they are is ignorant. Hopeless romantics are very well aware of all the hurt that can come with long-standing love yet they are filled with the strength to persist and carry on.

So if someone asks, ‘What is a hopeless romantic?’ go ahead and tell them that they’re a rare and dying breed of lovers whose ultimate goal is to romanticize everything in their lives. And hopeless romantics are not just about chasing an old love from when they were fifteen.

Even in life, they seem to have a keen eye towards the beauty of things. Looking at the sunset and crying, reading a book over and over again to fall in love with the author or being an incorrigible idealist – that is what the hopeless romantic meaning is all about.

Traits Of The Hopeless Romantic

Reminding you of someone you know? To further uncover what this little club of romantics is all about let’s further look at some more of their traits.

1. They have an empathetic nature

The thing with hopeless romantics is that they feel very deeply. And not just in respect to themselves but also for other people. With their understanding capabilities, one finds it very easy to talk to them and confide in them. Because they can relate and understand so well, they always seem to have a knack for connection with people and empathizing with them.

2. Full of optimism

And life! Hopeless romantics can find beauty and goodness in the smallest of things. With kind eyes and an unwashable smile on their face, they will face anything and everything. Even in the face of hard-luck or heartbreak – what sets them apart is that they do not turn away and give up. They might be disheartened but their love will never wane.

3. They are endowed with creativity

Almost too much of it instead! The depth in a musician’s song, the pain felt in the words of a writer or the feelings evoked when you look at a beautiful painting – these are all the work of hopeless romantics. With a creative genius mixed with emotional depth, they can produce some amazing works of art.

4. They are idealistic

But don’t jump the gun and assume they always have their head in the clouds and see rainbows everywhere. Despite what it may seem like, they are intelligent enough to stay grounded and rooted in reality. But being idealistic means that they will always strive for something bigger and believe in things that are much larger than themselves.

5. Hopeful beyond limits

Contrary to what the term hopeless romantic suggests about them, they are as hopeful as a gleeful child waiting for school to get canceled on a snow day. Waiting long years for their love to come back or going out on quest for their long lost love – with a smile on their face and hope in their heart, they can brave it all.

6. They are massive daydreamers

Okay they might not be all rainbows and flowers but they do talk a good game of fantasizing which makes they massive daydreamers. They spend a lot of time pondering love, relationships and creating ideal scenarios in their heads. Thus by creating a more entertaining world in their heads, they keep themselves amused and happy.

Now you know what is a hopeless romantic and how to identify one. Know somebody with an unwavering faith in love and life? Because you might just have a hopeless romantic on your hands!




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