What is Melasma and How can we Treat it


Melasma is one of the sorts of hyperpigmentation, which is usually more common in women and is usually because of a hormonal effect or exposure to harmful sunlight. it’s a cause for concern because it often affects most ladies.

As for the opposite style of melasma, which isn’t caused by any of the hormones, it’s the reason for anxiety for people, and it’s often plagued by people with dark skin or people of African, Asian, Indian, or Latin origin. this can be what studies have proven. Melasma is one among the foremost common things in women In these countries, researchers and doctors have estimated that 6 million women suffer from melasma around the world, while the proportion of men with melasma is just 10 percent of girls.

Melasma areas

Melasma appears in many various areas of the body and is within a variety of dark spots, whether brown, blue, or gray, and sometimes red and inflamed, and it resembles freckles often, and freckles appear in six different locations within the body as follows.

  • Melasma appears within the shoulders and arms.
  • Melasma appears within the face on the forehead, nose, and upper lip.
  • Melasma appears on the cheeks.
  • Sometimes it appears within the nose area.
  • It appears within the neck area, especially for people aged 50 years and over.
  • Melasma appears within the mandibular bone.

Causes of melasma

Melasma is defined as a typical skin problem represented by dark spots which will appear in brown, black, gray, or blue sometimes, and sometimes resemble freckles, and severely affects the face, especially the lips, forehead, and cheeks, and sometimes affects the breast, back, and shoulders, and many things cause melasma. it’s represented in

sun exposure

The sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun are the most reason for melasma.

Taking anti-seizure drugs

It is well-known that drugs that treat seizures, like epilepsy, disorder, et al. affect the skin and skin, causing melasma.

Contraceptive drugs

It has been observed that melasma occurs in women who take pills and contraceptives at a far greater rate than people who don’t depend on pills for contraception, because these pills and medicines contain estrogen and Dithylstilbestrol .


In the event that individuals have hypothyroidism, they’re more likely than others to develop melasma, even from exposure to light, whether mobile phones or computers , or light and warmth, like ovens et al.


Pregnancy is understood mutually of the foremost important causes of melasma , as most pregnant women suffer from melasma because of the high level of estrogen and progesterone and also the activity of melanocyte hormones. The spots are dark brown in color and spread within the breast area and upper back, additionally as on the face and arms.

hormonal change

Hormones play a serious role in physical changes in individuals, because the change within the hormones estrogen and progesterone plays a very important role within the appearance of the skin and pigmentation of the skin with melasma marks.


There are some cosmetics that cause significant pigmentation within the skin, especially when people are exposed to light, causing what’s referred to as toxic reactions.


Aromatic soap may cause melasma, and this can be what many folks don’t know because it contains chemicals that aren’t suitable for sensitive skin, so you must be from the employment of aromatic and unnatural soaps.

skin care products

Some products cause many risks to the skin, so you want to make sure the quality of the merchandise and its suitability for the skin.

Cost damages

Some might imagine that melasma has harms, which bothers him health and psychologically, but of course, melasma doesn’t pose any harm to people, because it isn’t a satisfactory condition . And psychological pain, but the individual must accept every matter that passes him, especially if it’s accidental and easy.

The difference between melasma and pigmentation

Individuals may confuse pigmentation with melasma, thinking that any of the spots that appear on them are melasma and feel psychological pain and distress about it, but there are clear differences through which it’s possible to tell apart between melasma and pigmentation, represented in.

The form where melasma is commonly large spots that appear on the face within the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin because it appears within the upper lip because it appears on the arms, neck and upper back area, as for pigmentation, it’s often less in size and spread than melasma, and infrequently spread within the face quite the remainder of the areas are the scale that they seem in areas exposed to the sun only.

Causes because it seems that the most reason behind melasma is hormones, whether before or after marriage, but it often appears in pregnant women and not others. Men are less affected than women by a ratio of roughly 1 to 10. There are many other causes of melasma like harmful exposure to the sun And extreme temperature and severe infections that affect the skin. At the same time, the explanation for pigmentation could also be acne or taking some drugs that affect the skin, bug bites, exposure to the sun, or the employment of contraceptives.

Melasma prevention methods

Melasma causes many psychological problems in individuals, so prevention is usually recommended to preserve the skin and body. The ways to forestall melasma are. you can take Triluma Cream 15 gm for Melasma and Tretinoin Cream 0.025 for Acne.

Use sunscreen products daily.

The sun’s rays are very harmful and cause many skin problems, so you should always use protective creams that move between the skin and body.

Wear hats when exposed to the sun

Wide-brimmed hats should be worn to protect the skin from the sun and keep the face safe from direct exposure to the sun.


A permanent skincare routine must be followed to be nourished well and be able to resist germs, microbes, and harmful rays of the sun. Healthy skin is the one that contains collagen and is usually fresh, open, and smooth.

How to treat pigmentation melasma

When people are exposed to melasma spots, each of them immediately starts trying to find a treatment, although often it’s for a brief period and ends and fades, the amount may reach three months, so individuals seek treatment.

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