What is Powder Coating and is it Worth it?

You may ask yourself, “What is powder coating?” Well, you’ve come to the right place for answers. Powder coating is a specific coating technique which is free flowing and dry powder in form. It is unlike painting because the powder coating is applied to whatever surface through electrostatic and then cured/dried by heat, creating a matte finish. It can be applied to just about anything, but is often seen on cars. You can keep reading here for more details.

So with that said, why should you consider powder coating for your next project? Let’s take a look:

More durable

Powder coating is highly durable because of its resistance to heat, making it preferable over traditional painting techniques (brush, spray, etc.) It can be applied to metallic surfaces like steel or aluminum which is often susceptible to chipping or scratching. With powder coating, this isn’t an issue. The surfaces of your products will remain intact regardless of what kind of wear and tear they went through. It is really popular on cars for this fact because it can withstand a lot, including fading of colours, and still retain its beautiful look.

Cost saving benefits

Powder coating presents significant benefits for businesses in the way of cost. Bypassing much of the time spent on liquid based coatings, you save time which allows you to complete projects significantly faster which frees up space or time for new customers. Seeing how powder coating Salt Lake City saves money, it is evident that it is this technique is more efficient for you and your customers. Likewise, the use of dry powder coating means less ventilation required in a shop, which means less money spent keeping the air quality clean and clear throughout when there is less residue compared to solvent based coatings.

Healthier and environmentally friendly

Powder coating poses less of a risk to operators who are using it because it doesn’t stick to skin or clothing and does not need to be removed with a solvent. It also won’t cause skin irritation and can easily be washed off with warm water. As for the environmental benefits, powder coating does not contain volatile solvents which are harmful to the environment when released in air or through other forms of run off, like into water systems. The lack of, or negligible, amounts of hazardous solvents makes it a responsible and sustainable method of coating which requires less equipment to handle pollution issues.

For whatever project you have in mind, whether it is for a car or truck, a business or just for fun, powder coating is one of the best solutions available. The combination of safe/environmentally friendly properties, the cost saving aspects, and the durability of the looks and quality are all very important deciding factors as to why powder coating is a superior coating choice over traditional forms of painting or liquid coating. Knowing you will be getting the best quality and best performance is more than enough for you to make a decision whether you are looking for a service or you want to incorporate it into your business.