What is Public Adjusting and How to Search for Service Providers?


Properties like homes and commercial establishments are very expensive and they are one of the most essential investments that you might make in your lifetime. This is why it’s understandable why so many people don’t want to lose it.

However, natural disasters like fire, flood, and others may strike without warning and you might be forced to file a claim with your insurance company to cover the damages. So, how will the insurers handle this?

As you’re navigating the costs of renovation, and doing inventory on the furniture and appliances that were ruined, do you really have the time to read through your policy and know the terms and conditions? This is where a public adjuster comes into place.

What is Public Adjusting?

Expert adjusters will help you deal with a lot of paperwork and the grueling task of filing forms. They will essentially make sure that you don’t omit anything and get a higher payout as a result. Public adjusting is the process where a third party represents your interest and makes sure that you get the fair amount that you deserve and this is every cent that counts and which you’re entitled to.

Assessing and inspecting the overall damage is going to be the first step where they take notes and pictures of your home. Next, they will read through your insurance policy and determine which ones are covered. After this, they will give an estimate of your compensation so you can get the repairs done and they are going to negotiate with the company that insured you.

Most experts handle cases that are too complicated for the homeowners to go through alone and this can be a large-scale catastrophe. An example is when hurricanes have destroyed several houses where an individual might need to read different terms and policies since there might be different packages for appliances, roofs, and floors. When you’re faced with this situation, you’re not only going to file compensation for the flood but also for the windstorm.

Tricky questions are often asked by the underwriter such as how much damage was caused by the water levels rising until the top floors and how much damage did the rain cause? These complexities are often handled by Day Adjusting & Consulting especially if you were represented a ballpark figure that you feel is too low. Here are some advantages of using their services.

Why Get in Touch with the Experts?

Get a Larger Settlement

One of the benefits of calling the adjusters is that you’ll have someone on your side who can justify a fair compensation that will enable you to do repairs in your home or building. Expect them to know the in and out of the insurance industry and they will negotiate professionally on your behalf so you’ll get the maximum payout. They will do most of the legwork while you’ll have enough money afterward.

Save Time

If you’re too focused on fixing the basement or the attic, you might not have the time to go to the insurance company and negotiate. With the professionals, you will have someone who will handle the communication like emails and calls so you will not miss anything. If you’re busy with your job, kids, or home, find someone who can save you some time in dealing with all the hassle.

Be Guided with the Process

Professional adjusters know the processes and the little details about the claims. Also, the legal terms and the smallest details are not missed with their help and sometimes, you might not understand what a policy entail. With their experience, you can get to know how the process work and ensure that you submit the right documents when this is your first time.

Settle Disputes

Not all claims are going to get paid and if you find yourself in this kind of stressful situation, it will be worth hiring an adjuster. They are going to help you settle any disputes that your insurers might be claiming and they will review the case overall. You’ll have someone who will fight for your rights and know what they are doing.

When Not to Call the Adjusters?

Filing a Small Claim

Minimal damage and malfunctions are more straightforward and easier compared to filing for compensation on your entire house. When the case is not that bad, it’s better to do everything on your own and save some fees. Other pros will not work when the payoff is not going to be that big.

Policy Limit Constraints

For knowledgeable professionals, they will know ahead of time if it’s worth pursuing your case or not. Due to policy limits and the constraints involved, they might know that they will not get you any funds even if they work hard on the case because the damages are not covered by your policy.

When the limit is only $150,000 and the total belongings destroyed was $250,000, they can’t get you the extra $100,000 due to personal limits. See more about the constraints on this site here.

Reduction in Payouts

Reduction in Payouts

Adjusters charge a percentage of the fee after the settlement and this can reduce the payout but only about 5% to 10%. This will depend on the company or whether they charge an hourly rate or a flat price. There are state caps with these but it’s essential to negotiate at the start to prevent misunderstandings later on.

When finding the best adjusters, you need to see if they are members of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. They should also have verifiable licenses and there should be minimal to no complaints against them on the Business Better Bureau. Also, read the contracts and understand their fee structures to make things clearer.


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