What is Rocket Relief?


The Rocket Relief pen is a pain-relieving manual stimulation device that aids chronic pain sufferers, athletes, the elderly, and everyone in-between by manually stimulating muscles and joints to improve circulation, reduce lactic acid build-up, and, ultimately reduce aches and pains in several common areas of the body including the hands, feet, elbows, knees, and lower back. If you have achy joints or muscles consider a natural, simulation-based way to alleviate your pain rather than relying on potentially unhealthy medications.

Some of the major benefits of manual-stimulation pain relief like that provided by the rocket relief pen include improved circulation, lowered heart rate, strengthened immune system, better sleep, Increased range of motion, and more.

Rocket Relief Pen May Improve Circulation

The Rocket Relief pain pen from Hempvana uses electrical stimulation to ease achy muscles, joints, and tissues in the body. Like a minimal massage gun, the Rocket Relief pen is something you can carry with you in your car, as you travel, or that you can keep at work for use when your lower back gets sore from too much sitting. The Hempvana Rocket Relief pen is also good for athletes and those who spend time in the gym. 

Manual-Stimulation Pain Treatments Can Lower Heart Rate

Manual-stimulation based pain treatments like those from the Rocket Relief pen as well as manual massage and massage gun usage have been shown to have a variety of cardiovascular-based benefits. Some research suggests this may be due to the apparent fact manual-stimulation reduces stress within the body which, in turn, lowers heart rate.

Hempvana’s Rocket Relief Pen May Strengthen Immune System

Oddly enough, stimulating the muscles and joints in the body may also strengthen your immune system. Although the reason for this is not entirely clear, it may have something to do with the lymph nodes and other parts of the endocrine system which are dependent of having free “flow” throughout the body. Because manual-stimulation treatments like the Rocket Relief improve.

Manual Stimulation Pain Treatment May Improve Sleep

Anything you can do to improve your sleep is worth doing. How well you sleep or, don’t sleep, plays a major role in several parts of your overall health. This includes your mood, how much you weigh, your cognitive and athletic performance, the appearance of your skin, and more.

The Rocket Relief Pen May Improve Range of Motion

Improved range of motion in the muscles on which you use the Rocket Relief pen is common. Whether it’s your knees, wrists, hands, lower back, hips, elbows, or otherwise, try using Hempvana’s Rapid Relief pen to alleviate pain and improve your range of motion.


Now that you know what the Rapid Relief pen is you can decide if manual-stimulation is a good alternative pain-management solution for you. It is certainly worth a try (or worth consulting your doctor about) if you are a chronic pain sufferer or if you regularly experience painful or achy muscles or joints. Either way, the Rapid Relief pen has many potential benefits and virtually no downside. Give it a try and start feeling better today!

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