What is Salvage Data?


Have you lost your data or are unable to revive it? Don’t worry as everything’s not lost. You still have a chance to get this data back with the help of professional recovery services. Many recovery services are available, but the best one is SalvageData.

SalvageData is one of the most regarded recovery services in the industry, with a lab specializing in the salvaging of data/ files. They work for everyone; individuals & businesses both recover their hard disk drives, RAID arrays, NAS, SAN, USB flash, and other electronic data storage devices. Thus, any type of device that has failed and stops working, and you haven’t the backup of data, SalvageData will recover and revive all your data. People who have suffered data loss due to file system corruption, data corruption, or accidental file deletion/reformatting, SalvageData helps them with the best!

Trained Staff and High-Quality Equipment

With such amazing work that SalvageData is doing for the individuals and business owners, is it possible with trained technicians and staff? Of course not! Therefore, they have got staff engineers with specialized expertise & experience in the field of data recovery. All the equipment & technology that SalvageData uses is very expensive and specialized. Without this equipment and technology, it is impossible for SalvageData to recover the devices. We have one of the largest and most advanced ISO 14644-1 class 5 data recovery purposed environments in the U.S., which is clearly shown by our relentless research and development program.

The expertise of 15 years

SalvageData is a trusted and respected data recovery service provider. It has made it mark in the industry. They have been working for 15-years, and their history has resulted in a successful present and a dedication to future success. SalvageData continues to work hard for success, and they make sure to help each and every customer. They have become the premier emergency data recovery and restoration company in the world. All this is indeed the result of SalvageData’s hard work.

Why Choose SalvageData Recovery Services?

  1. ISO-5 Certified Clean Room

They have a full-size ISO-5 Certified cleanroom for all mechanical recovery processes.

  1. ISO-9001 Quality Certified

SalvageData is the first company in the industry that gets certified by SOC Type 3 security standards. They are also ISO-9001 Quality Certified.

  1. SOC III Security Certified

For ensuring the most exceptional data security customs in the industry, they are regular SOC 2 Type III audits, and they are also SOC III Security Certified.

  1. TOPTENReviews Award

SalvageData has received the TOPTEN reviewer award for six consecutive years. They are now a reviewed and recognized industry leader in professional recovery service.

  1. Dun & Bradstreet Rated

For trustworthy companies, you can make the best and informed decision with the help of Dun & Bradstreet.

  1. Approvals from Manufacturers

After the recovery is performed, it confidently stays in-warranty as they have approvals from the industry.

  1. Awards and Credentials

It has everything that you expect from your data recovery service. SalvageData is reliable and transparent.

  1. GSA Government Contractor

SalvageData is a GSA recovery partner of the United States Government.

Services of SalvageData

Although it performs all types of recovery tasks on your devices. They perform recovery tasks for personal user data. Small business data, enterprise systems, I.T. solutions providers, and government systems. Some of the most amazing recoveries that SalvageData performs are

  1.   HDD Recovery
  2.   Server Recovery
  3.   Tape Recovery
  4.   On-site Recovery
  5.   Emergency Recovery


If you also have lost your data or have damaged your device, don’t panic about lost data. Contact SalvageData and explain your problem to its technician, who will find the solution to your problem. And in case you don’t get to revive data yourself, send your device to their location, they will perform the solution and will ship back the revived data and your device. So, get back your lost data today!

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