What is Siirto Payment?


Thanks to the advancements in technology, banking had been made much easier because many banks around the world have now developed their own apps that customers can use to withdraw or deposit money and to pay bills. While there are hundreds of different banking apps that you can download for your iOS and Android device, there are only a few that are considered the best, and one of those is the Siirto app. What is the Siirto app? And who created it? To know the answers, let us take a look at the features of the app and the company responsible for developing it.

Siirto in a Nutshell

Siirto is an app that you can download in the Apple Store and Google Play Store and offers banking features such as sending money directly to your bank account, keeping track of transactions, and sending money to a recipient by only using their phone number.

If you don’t have money with you, you can also use the Siirto app to make payments if there is money in the app’s wallet. If there is a joint expense that is shared between you or your friends, you can utilize the Siirto app to pay your share of the expense easily. In addition, you can use Siirto to buy items online, so if you are feeling like you want to go shopping in an online store, you won’t need to use any of your cards to make a purchase. Also, you can also use Siirto payment to pay for coins or tokens on online casino websites without even using your credit card.

To start using the Siirto app, you must first download it on your device’s app store. Then, once you’ve opened the app, you can then input your account or card number in order for the app to keep track of your cards. Afterward, you can then choose a phone number (the numbers provided on your phone’s SIM card), and that number will be used as the makeshift card number of the app. Once you’ve done all of those steps, you are now set to use the Siirto app.

Who Made Siirto?

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The Siirto app is developed by the Nordea Bank Abp, a financial services group that is commonly referred to as Nordea. The company is based in Helsinki, Finland, although their operating systems cover the entire northern region of Europe. Included in the company’s services are tracking and managing fixed income, equities, commodities, debt capital markets, and corporate finance, but they have recently tapped into the mobile banking market by launching the Nordea Mobile and the Siirto apps.

Sending Money on the Siirto App

In order for you to send money to a recipient, like a friend or a family member, the recipient must have a Siirto app downloaded on his or her phone. In addition, you would only need to know the phone number that the recipient set as his or her primary number that is tracked by the app.

If the recipient already has a Siirto app, his or her name will automatically show up in the search list once you search on the name of the recipient that you want to send the money to. But, if the recipient has the app and does not show up on your list, you would only need to know his or her phone number and input it in your app. Once you have sent the money via Siirto app to another Siirto user, the money will be received by the recipient immediately, even though you may have different banks and cards. Unfortunately, the Siirto app can only be used for Finnish bank accounts, so you wouldn’t be able to transfer money to a person that doesn’t have a Finnish debit or credit card.

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Speaking of bank accounts, if you have a Nordea card, you will also need to download the Nordea Codes app in order to have a more secure transaction in banks, online stores, and to another person. For other banks, the user needs to follow the online identification methods of their chosen bank in order to use the Siirto app.

If the app user is 15 years old or less, he or she can only utilize the features of the Siirto app if his or her guardian contacts Nordea Customer Service, who will unlock the app’s features. Furthermore, since the app would only work with Finnish customers and bank account, the person that will use Siirto must have a Finnish personal identity number, which is required as a security measure for the app.

And, there you have it, the features of the Siirto app and how to use them. By reading the basics of the app’s features above, one can already see how easy it is to use for transferring money or for making payments. There may be more features added to the app in the near future, but for now, the functions of Siirto is still beneficial for those who want to track their money and payments on the fly.

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