What is Slingo?

Slot and bingo are among the most seductive casino games since they don’t require any skills and rules but can provide huge gains. These two games of chance are fun to play and can boost huge gains for those who choose to play for real money. Good news! A new game called Slingo Bingo or Slingo combines a slot game within a traditional bingo that was released to make the fans more satisfied.

This original game is created by Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia in New Jersey and was launched on the AOL platform in 1994. The game is very popular since you can play non-GamStop slingo without self-exclusion and it is easy to learn and can provide loads of fun.


As already stated, slingo appeared in 1994 by a real estate developer in New Jersey. In July 2013, RealNetworks acquired slingo and created new versions of the game on mobile devices and on Facebook. In July 2015, RealNetworks announced an agreement to sell slingo to Gaming Realms, a gaming company in London.

Since, slingo has become successful in the UK online gambling, many gaming platforms host this game now. The popularity of slingo also leads to the company’s success and today, RealNetworks is mainly recognized for creating the best version of the game. Still, in 2015, RealNetworks announced the sale of slingo and social casino activities with a London-based company Gaming Realms. ‘Slingo Originals’ were released by this developer and have attracted several players for its originality and playability.

How to Play Slingo?

How to Play Slingo?

In the beginning, slingo was only available on the free-play version. But when this game has become popular, it can be played for real cash. As previously described, slingo is a new version of bingo combined with a slot. The game is very easy to learn and does not require any skills or difficult rules. To play it, you have to spin the slot reels below the grid and then, check the grid whether it displays any of the selected numbers appearing on the reels.

When numbers are called out, check off the bingo card. Each player can spin the numbers below his or her bingo card 20 times. Then, five numbers appear which can be marked off if they are found on the card. Apart from the slingo numbers, the player’ reels can display extra symbols that can boost instant gains and some special game bonuses. These items include Free Spins, Gold Coin, the standard Joker, and Super Joker.

The Joker helps the players to cross off any numbers that appear in the column. As for the Super Jokers, they allow them to cross off any remaining number on their cards. They can place additional wagers at the end allotted number of spins in order to try to complete further lines after the base game has been completed.

A standard Joker may become a Super Joker which is important as it can be placed anywhere on the board. The Super Joker is played first before any numbers when it shows up on the board. Moreover, Devils symbol can occasionally appear and when it occurs, the player’s score is reduced in half. The player who has won many points is the winner at the end of the game.

Comparison with Slots

Since slingo is the latest phenomenon to hit the casino’s world, many versions of this game are available in the casino. Compared with slot, this latter has a larger reel space. On the slot machine, the players can see 3 or more items whereas on slingo they can have only one symbol on each reel. In terms of features, unlike slot, slingo has limited options such as Free Spins, Gold Coin, the Joker, Super Joker, and Devil.

Nonetheless, the slot game has different types of features depending on the game’s variations. For the old school variants, the slot comes with few features like Free Spins and Scatters. Today, with the growth in popularity of this game, several features can be triggered and some of them can even allow the players to get incredible gains.

Regarding the rules, on slingo the players must accumulate the highest number of points in the goal to win. This means that the more points they get, the higher prizes they will win. As far as the slot is concerned, winning on this game required the players to land up three or more matching symbols in a spin.