What is the best cordless jigsaw and its uses


When compared to other saws, a cordless jigsaw is more useful. With the right blade, a jigsaw can be used to cut curves and make holes on almost all materials. Most proficient workers consider it as a unique and second most important tool after a drill. Its unique features make it an essential tool for any workshop or work site. In this article, you will find more info about what is the best cordless jigsaw and its uses.

What is a cordless jigsaw?

A cordless jigsaw is a jigsaw without a cord and it allows you to go about your tasks without the hassle of a cord interfering with your job. This saw utilizes a reciprocating blade to cut irregular curves in metal, wood, and other materials. With it, you can make different cuts from intricate curves and scrolling lines to straight cuts. Some jigsaw models feature an adjustable baseplate for cutting miters and bevels.

What is the best cordless jigsaw? 

Ryobi R18JS7 is the best cordless jigsaw on the market. It is the best because of its silky-smooth action, user-friendly design, and amazing cutting power. If you are a DIYer or craftsman enthusiast, you could hardly get a finer tool than this exceptional cordless jigsaw. The only setback of this tool is its cost, it may look costly to some DIYers who may want it for occasional use. However, cost should not be a big deal if you will be using it regularly.

Uses of a cordless Jigsaw 

Cutting curves

A cordless jigsaw is the best portable power tool that you can utilize to effectively cut curves. This is a must-have tool for any craftsman who wants his projects done faster. A hand-held coping saw can be used to cut curves, but it is slow.

Wood Cutting

If the right blade is used, a jigsaw saw can effectively slice through plywood or any thick wood. For wood use the down-stroke cutting blade. DIYer enthusiasts and proficient woodworkers use a jigsaw more in their woodworking projects such as making beautiful patterns and designs on wood. If you are new to a jigsaw don’t attempt to use it because you may end ruining your costly wood by either making wrong cuts or burning it.

Changing blades on a cordless jigsaw is simple. First, remove the battery and locate the dial where the blade attaches to the saw. Turn the dial anticlockwise to release the blade and then insert a new one. Release the dial so that it locks the blade in place.

Ceramic Tile Cutting

With a jigsaw you can make cuts or curves on a ceramic tile however, it calls for experience and patience, otherwise the tie can break into pieces. Consider the thickness of the tiles you want to cut before you start cutting.

Jigsaws Make Bevel Cuts

Many woodworkers think that for them to make bevel cuts they need an adjustable table saw. In fact, jigsaws can be adjusted up to 45 degrees to make bevel cuts.

To adjust, check for a lever above the shoe of the jigsaw that moves back and forth. When the lever is released the saw will tilt, from there you can adjust it to the angle you want.  

Jigsaws Make the Best Pumpkin Carvers

With a jigsaw in hand making pumpkin carvings is simple as one plus one. Cutting off tops is quick and simple with a jigsaw. With it, you can make even the intricate Jack O’Lantern faces.

Jigsaws Are Kid-Friendly

A jigsaw can be used safely by children of different ages with the right adult instruction and supervision. The tool doesn’t require you to use a lot of energy because it rests on the surface of what is cut. Your hands and fingers can easily be kept off the blade. All these make a jigsaw a great power tool to introduce to children.

Jigsaws Are Easy to Use

Regardless of your level of experience, cordless jigsaws are easy and straightforward to use. You only need to insert the blade and then pop in the battery, and you are ready to begin your cutting. Cordless jigsaws don’t take much space and be utilized in any workshop or worksite of any size.

Frequently asked questions about cordless jigsaws

Do I need a cordless jigsaw?

Cordless jigsaws are not only preferred when dealing with tough materials, but they can also be used for tasks that need long, consistent cuts. This saw’s power and performance make it reliable when dealing with a variety of tougher materials.

Is a cordless circular saw worth it?

A cordless circular saw is useful

 A cordless jigsaw should be one of the best hand saws to consider if you are a serious DIYer or professional tradesman. Cutting plywood for a bookcase or roof using a jigsaw is simple.

Why does my jigsaw not cut straight?

When you put more pressure on the blade the likelihood of the blade not cutting straight is high. Just allow the blade to do the cutting, avoid too much force on the wood into the blade. Making this mistake is very easy especially if you are used to handsaws.

Can you use a jigsaw to cut 2×4?

A cordless jigsaw is an accurate hand tool that has a thin blade hence good at cutting complex designs on thin material. You can cut using a jigsaw; however, it will be tricky to make straight cuts because it is a precision tool. If you want straight cuts use a stiff blade and use a speed square to guide the cutting.


A jigsaw is a versatile tool even though it looks like a small saw meant to cut curves in light wood. A cordless jigsaw is lightweight, portable and with the correct blade, you can apply enough power to slice through most materials.

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