What is the Best Time for Consuming CBD?

Is it better to take CBD in the morning or at night? Let’s find out!

So you have decided to pursue CBD (cannabidiol) oil with all its numerous benefits, including pain reduction, anxiety relief, arthritis relief, and relief from other symptoms. However, the critical issue is what the optimal period to take CBD oil is?

There is no definite solution to the question of when to consume CBD. Some CBD enthusiasts believe that taking CBD in the morning, before breakfast, is the optimal period to get an energy boost for the whole day. Others believe that the ideal time to take CBD oil is right before bedtime since it encourages sleep and relaxes the mind.

CBD may be taken at various times of the day, based on a variety of reasons. The primary reason for this is that each individual’s endocannabinoid system reacts differently to CBD compounds. This article discusses the topic of when to take CBD oil in particular.

As always, please consult your physician before taking any supplements, herbs, or medications,

Factors That Influence the Appropriate Time for Taking CBD

The three factors to consider when consuming CBD are as follows:

  • the intended use,
  • the form of medication,
  • and the dosage.

Let’s consider how each factor influences the optimal time to take CBD.

The Aim of CBD Use

CBD is used for various purposes, including the treatment of skin disorders, the improvement of sleep, the improvement of mood, the relief of persistent pain, and the treatment of other illnesses. If you are looking to improve your sleep, it is wise to take your normal CBD dosage before bed.

If you feel energetic after taking CBD, you may want to take it with your breakfast and/or lunch to maintain your energy levels during the day. Try taking CBD with your evening meal if you want a soothing effect to relax your mind from the stressors of the day.

Dosage of CBD

While most CBD drugs have a prescribed regular dosage, you may need to experiment with various doses to determine which one fits your needs best. Once you have a better understanding of how CBD reacts with your system, you can plan your doses, time of consumption, and frequency for optimal performance.

You could take the regular dose at the time you feel the need for relaxation. Alternatively, you could divide the dose throughout the morning and evening to distribute the results across the day.

CBD Product Types

The CBD product you’re using often plays a significant role in determining when to take CBD. Certain CBD products, such as CBD vape, directly impact consumption due to their strong bioavailability. Edible products, such as CBD Gummy bears or CBD capsules, have a slower onset of action because they would have to go through the digestive system to be absorbed.

Consuming CBD in Day vs. Night

To know whether to take CBD in the morning or at night, you must first determine the time of day that your body reacts to CBD the most and your reason for consuming CBD. Here is a general guide to assist you in determining the optimal time of day to take CBD oil based on your objectives.

Reasons for Taking CBD During the Day

If you’re trying to accomplish any of the following, you may want to consider CBD for your morning meal.

Increasing Productivity

CBD can help you start your day productively. Although CBD does not have an immediate burst of energy as coffee does, it does foster a state of mindful equilibrium.

Consider incorporating a couple of drops of CBD oil into your morning cup of coffee or tea, or consume a couple of CBD gummies with morning tea or coffee. It will help increase your energy levels, strengthen your concentration, keep you active, and sharpen your mind, all of which can help your performance throughout the day.

Promote a Balanced Appetite

Many people miss breakfast, skipping out on the nutritional and energy boosts required in the morning. If you always skip breakfast, consuming CBD in the morning will stimulate your appetite, motivating you to have a nutritious, energy-filled breakfast.

Encourage Physical Activity

If you work out in the morning, pre-workout CBD spray will help your muscles relax. Even after an intense exercise, you may feel muscle soreness and achy joints, which may negatively impact your overall workout results. Also, you can take some CBD gummies during the workout breaks to enhance stamina as well as get the benefits of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD encourages a good inflammation response, and it will help you feel better after workouts. Apply CBD topically to sore joints and muscles to get relief and make you feel better after your workout.

Reasons for Taking CBD During the Night

If none of the goals mentioned above are reasons why you want to take CBD, you may want to consider consuming CBD at night.

Here are some reasons why you should take CBD at night.

Enhances Relaxation

Consider consuming CBD in the evening if you are looking for a way to relax your mind after a busy, hectic day. When combined with essential oils such as geranium, lavender, and rose, CBD can help calm the mind and alleviate anxiety. Or, you can use CBD gummies infused with essential oils just before you go to bed.

Promotes Healthy Sleep

CBD exerts a calming effect on the stress hormone cortisol. It impacts non-REM sleep periods, and research indicates that CBD can be used to relieve anxiety-related disorders and improve sleep efficiency.

Chronic or intense pain can lead to sleep deprivation as it is difficult to sleep with active pain. According to a 2018 review released by Frontiers in Pharmacology, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make them a perfect pain reliever. CBD has been shown in research to alleviate chronic pain and promote healthier sleep.

Put an End to Snoring

Snoring may have an impact on your ability to fall asleep and on the quality of your sleep. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a sleep condition caused by irregular and erratic breathing patterns during sleep, often referred to as snoring. CBD has been shown to reduce the number of apneas suffered during the night, allowing patients to sleep easier. As a result, taking CBD at night can help you sleep better.


CBD is increasingly gaining traction as a supplement that promotes health and wellbeing – thanks to its plethora of advantages. The most often asked concern from individuals using CBD for the very first time is when to take it to maximize its intended benefits. There is no one-size-fits-all time of day to consume CBD. You will get to determine when CBD fits well for you through trial and error.

You should take it before bed to encourage relaxation or in the morning to get the necessary energy boost for a productive day. When consuming CBD, factors such as administration, the dose, and the form of CBD products can also influence how it will react with your body.

Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements or CBD products.