What is the best type of spray foam insulation?


Spray foam insulation is very famous among people, and it is the best form too. People feel a hesitation because of its cost, but it has numerous benefits. It is not just used for houses; people use it for their business buildings and factories.

This technique has two types of insulation. One is open-cell, and another one is closed-cell insulation. There are different benefits to this technique, and just because it is a bit expensive, people want the best one for their premises. If therhttp://s.bl-1.com/h/dhP8Kk2V?url=https://www.fortmillsprayfoaminsulation.com/greenville.htmle is a need for reinforcement in the premises, you can use either of them, here are some things that can help in choosing the best one.

Before we get to the difference, let’s get to know about those two techniques:

  1. Open-cell: This technique needs air and open space. That will help the foam get air in it and make it springy. This way, it will keep all the noise away and also any debris to get into the cracks of the walls.
  2. Closed-cell: This is sturdier than that of the open-cell technique. Mostly spray foam insulation greenville sc does this type of insulation for people. It is hard and dense than the other one, and that is what makes it better for some climate conditions.

Which one is better? Some would say it is open-cell, and some prefer closed-cell. Here are some of the things that can help you differentiate between the two of them. With this, you will be able to make the right decision for your house.

The cells:

Cells are the bubbles between the foam. In an open-cell, there are more bubbles because it needs more air to harden. The material is then very soft and also very flexible. It can easily get into the harder surfaces, and if you are adopting a different and unique design for your house, it can be the best option for you.

So as the name suggests, the closed-cell technique has fewer bubbles, and it is why it is so dense. If you need a bit more rigid and stronger foam, it is best to adopt this technique. People need more dense material because they want no risk of letting anything inside their house like pollens or insects.


You already know this one, closed-cell is denser, and it is dense about 1.75 pounds per cubic foot. And when it comes to open-cell insulation, it is really less, and it is just 0.5 if measured.


It is the resistance to the heat flow. So when people measure the amount of capacity to resist heat, they measure it in R-value. Its definition can also be another word; it is how well the foam’s insulating capacity. Closed-cell insulation has a higher value of 6 per inch, and that is why spray foam insulation greenville sc suggests this one.

The value also depends on the quality of the material that you use. There are better qualities, and that can give an R-value of 7 per inch. Open-cell insulation can only get 3.5 per inch of value. It is the reason people who live in extreme climatic conditions don’t use this type of insulation.


As we know that open-cell insulation uses air to harden, and it is very flexible too. It also states that open-cell spray foam can expand up to 3 inches, whereas closed-cell foam can only expand to 1 inch.

People who need more dense foam, they use multiple application of closed-cell insulation. It can give extra safety and keep it stronger. People have different preferences, and they can use any insulation.

So, when it comes to choosing the best technique, closed-cell insulation is better than the open-cell. Many things can back-up this statement. In the above discussion, there was a brief explanation of both. Choose any technique, but if there is any confusion, trust the advice of spray foam insulation greenville sc.

Why is spray foam insulation, not a DIY project?

Some people think that they can do it on their own. Some can, but it doesn’t mean that you can get the same service that a professional company will provide. Some people get the temptation because of the cost, and it seems like an easy project to do. The material is available very easily, which is also a reason people try to do it themselves.

Here are some reasons why you should leave it to the professionals:

  1. It can be dangerous: installing the foam can get difficult and tricky. Some materials can get dangerously harmful to your health. You need to use fiberglass and some other material too. Not just installing, when it comes to taking off the previously used material, that is no cup of tea for any normal person.
  2. You get long term benefit: If a professional like spray foam insulation greenville sc is doing it for you, they will do it better than you. There will be no cracks and crevices in the walls; it can keep all the debris away from you. People with respiratory issues need more safety from pollens and allergens.
  3. You will get affordable service: A professional will get you cost-effective services. When people try to do it on their own, and something goes wrong, there can be more damage than you think. First, you wasted money and also the product that you got. Also, there can be fair chances that you hurt yourself, and then, at last, you have to call help to do the task. It can go way out of hand, and that can’t be good for your pocket.
  4. Safe prospective: A professional will give you a good perspective from his side. People with no knowledge of the technique use the wrong products. But a professional will get a perspective that is safer for you and your surroundings too.

The last say,

You can use closed-cell insulation for the best service. It can be good for cost-effectiveness and also for the premises. Ensure a good service provider and check their reputation before letting them in.

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