What is The Best Virtual Phone Number Company for Traveling?

Recently, virtual numbers have become very popular for use everywhere. Most often, the service is used by travelers discovering new cities and countries. Businessmen have also chosen the technology of virtual numbers to expand their business to the interregional and international levels.

Despite the popularity of eSIM technology, some people still haven’t heard anything about virtual numbers. Therefore, today we will talk about what is the best virtual phone number company to generate random fake phone numbers.

What is eSIM and how to activate it?

The abbreviation stands for embedded SIM or embedded SIM card. As the name implies, this is a chip built into a smartphone/tablet that is responsible for receiving calls and mobile Internet.

That is, a person does not need to go to the operator’s office and buy a physical SIM card — it is enough to link the number online. For all services, this happens the same way:

  1. Choose a suitable tariff. Please note that most of the numbers are designed only for the transmission of mobile traffic, without calls and SMS.
  2. Go to checkout and select the payment method.
  3. After confirming the transaction, a QR code will appear on the screen. To scan it, open “Settings,” go to “Networks” and click on “Add SIM,” select “eSIM.”

Configure the card — it will be the main or secondary, whether it is suitable for data transmission. On the website of each service, there are detailed instructions with manual activation of the number and enabling data transmission.

Depending on the model, they offer to bind several eSIMs at once.

Which devices does eSIM support?

This is determined in 2 ways:

In ordinary smartphones, there is only 1 slot for a physical SIM card.

While in the iPhone, eSIM support appeared in the tenth line of smartphones (XR, XS, and XS Max), and in Google Pixel, the built-in SIM is available in all models, starting with Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Currently, eSIM is available in almost all flagship and sub-flagship smartphone models.

5 reasons to use eSIM to travel the world

  • The acquisition of eSIM will be cheaper than data transfer in roaming.
  • The tariff plan is activated after arrival in the destination country or works in a separate region specified by the service.
  • After returning, it is enough to remove the linked eSIM from the device — no additional service fee will be charged.
  • Some models, like Pixel 7/7 Pro, support the creation of two eSIM profiles — purchase the numbers of several mobile operators and use them alternately.
  • Registration of a SIM card takes place without leaving home — choose and pay for a suitable tariff package.

5 reasons to use eSIM to travel the world

Among other advantages of the built-in chip: it is not subject to gradual wear of the contact pad, the same number is allowed to be transferred between devices. However, the number can only be linked to 1 device.

The best companies for eSIM technology

eSIM Plus

The service with the largest database of countries that support the technology. eSIM Plus is one of the most popular and reliable services that do not deceive users, but have a transparent system for buying and using a virtual number.

There are convenient packages with unlimited calls and Internet, as well as with limited traffic by days, weeks or months. You can also choose several countries to use, then the service will be more expensive.


  • Calls, SMS, and the Internet.
  • Multilingual service.
  • Convenient payment options.
  • No roaming fees.
  • Quick and easy setup.


A service that provides eSIM for travel in more than 200 countries. There are both local SIM cards of a certain state, as well as regional and international ones that can be used in several dozen countries at once.

All cards, without exception, can only be used to transmit mobile traffic. For their registration, you do not need an identity confirmation, you need to choose a tariff costing from $4.50 for 7 days, make a payment and activate the number.


  • A huge number of countries.
  • The website and mobile application have been translated into many languages.
  • Regional, local, and international tariff plans.
  • You do not need to issue a new number — it is enough to replenish an existing one.


This service with an eSIM for travel has several times less local fares than Airalo, and all available numbers are divided into 6 positions: North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and International Communications.

The cost of tariff packages starts from $3.85 for 7 days and 1 GB of mobile traffic without calling and sending text messages.


  • 6 payment methods.
  • Easy navigation by country selection.
  • Round-the-clock customer support via live chat.


One of the few services with eSIM for travel that offers tariff plans with unlimited mobile traffic and the ability to make calls — a lot depends on the specific country.

The cost of tariffs in 110 countries starts from $9. Some cards work separately in 5 regions and around the world.


  • There are unlimited tariffs.
  • Works in more than 110 countries.
  • There are solutions to mobile traffic and calls.


The brand offers some of the most expensive tariff plans, starting at $19 for 5 days. This price includes only unlimited mobile traffic, which cannot be distributed to other devices. Customers can choose more than 160 countries to use.


  • User-friendly website interface.
  • Unlimited traffic in almost all packages.


In the variety of services and platforms for communication, you should always choose the best. However, it is important to evaluate each service at its true worth and test it so that you get your own impression of using it.

Therefore, test and choose the best one for your best experience!