What Is the Book of Isaiah About?


The book of Isaiah is a collection of prophecies and other religious writings that were written in Hebrew by the prophet Isaiah, between the late 8th and early 6th centuries BCE. It consists of twenty-one or twenty-two chapters, depending on the tradition, and is mostly a record of word-of-mouth prophesies, many of which occurred after the time of Isaiah. The main themes of the book can be gathered from the prophecies that occur more than once. In Isaiah’s time, Judah had been conquered by the Assyrians and Jerusalem had been destroyed. This happened around the same time that the Babylonians were conquering much of the civilized world. Isaiah viewed these events as a punishment from God for the people’s sins. But there’s so much more to the book of Isaiah than this, and it’s full of prophecies that have been fulfilled in the history of the world, as well as some that haven’t been fulfilled yet.

The Message of Isaiah

The message of Isaiah is a simple one, really. God created the world, and it is His and it is good. God also created people and it is through them that He wishes to bring about the peace and harmony that He desires. But people have strayed from God’s path and they have chosen their own ways. They have refused to listen to God’s word, and they have become spiritually blind, deaf, and dumb. If they don’t change their ways, the entire world will become an even more horrible place than it already is. And even though this book is really about the coming end of the world, the message can be summed up with the words: Turn to God.

Isaiah in the Bible

Isaiah is the first book of the Latter Prophets, one of the three divisions of the Jewish scriptures, which also includes Jeremiah and Ezekiel. It is also one of the twenty-four books that were originally included in the Christian Old Testament. Isaiah is the fifth book of the Christian Old Testament. The first four books of the Old Testament are called the Torah, which is also known as the Pentateuch. The books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel are called the “minor prophets” because they were written by prophets who weren’t as important or as well-known as Moses or Daniel. The book of Isaiah, however, is so important that some people actually consider it to be one of the most important books in the Bible.

Isaiah in Judaism

The book of Isaiah is one of the five books of the Torah that are read aloud during Shabbat services. Jews believe that the book of Isaiah was written by the prophet Isaiah. They also believe that it was written before the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, which occurred in 586 BCE. The Orthodox Jews believe that Isaiah wrote the entire book, although some of the verses may have been written by someone else. Most Christians believe that Isaiah wrote most of the book, but that the author of the final chapters may have been someone else. They also believe that the first part of the book was written around 740 BCE, and the rest of it was written around 700 BCE. Both Jews and Christians believe that the book was written during the reign of King Hezekiah, who reigned from about 726 to 686 BCE.

Chapters 1–25

The book of Isaiah is divided into two parts Mini commentators. The first part contains chapters 1–39, and the second part contains chapters 40–66. Jews believe that the first part was written by Isaiah and the second part was written by another prophet who lived around the same time. Christians believe that the first part was written by Isaiah and the second part was written by someone else. Both Jews and Christians believe that this part of the book of Isaiah was written in the period between 740 and 700 BCE. Jews believe that chapters 1–39 were written after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, but before the destruction of the first temple by the Babylonians. They also believe that Isaiah wrote this part around 690 BCE. Christians believe that chapters 1–39 were written between 740 and 690 BCE.

But in essence, the historical notes in the book of Isaiah are very vague. What is very clear is that the book of Isaiah is an exposition of a historical process which at the time was already far advanced. It begins with an oracle against Babylon (1:1-27), which reflects the situation that was in existence when the prophecy was uttered.

What Is the Main Message of Isaiah?

Isaiah’s main message is that the people of Judah must return to God or they will be destroyed. Isaiah begins by telling the people that they have abandoned God and relied on the false security that wealth and military power can bring. He also tells them that they have relied on the protection of Egypt, which has not protected them. God’s judgment has come upon them, and their punishment will be swift and severe. But if they repent, God will return to them. God will protect them from their enemies, and they will be restored to a position of power and prosperity.

Isaiah also encourages the people to repent because God loves them. He tells them that God has been so hard on them precisely because of His love. He tells them that God wants to be like a father to them, but they have rejected him as a parent.

Isaiah also gives specific prophecies about what will happen in the future. The Persian Empire, which will replace the Babylonian Empire, will be the greatest empire in the world. The Persian king Cyrus will free the Jews from their Babylonian exile and allow them to return to Judah. This will happen because of God’s will, and it will happen because of Cyrus’ good deeds. The Persian Empire will be a very peaceful empire, and the people of Judah will experience a golden age. The nation of Israel will be restored, and the city of Jerusalem will be rebuilt.

Isaiah also prophesies about the future of the world. God will punish the people of Judah for their sins, but He will also punish the other nations of the world for their sins. God will punish Assyria and Babylonia because they are responsible for the destruction of Judah. God will also punish Egypt for not protecting Judah. But the nations of the world will eventually turn to God, and He will usher in a time of peace and harmony.


Isaiah is the book of a prophet who lived in a dark time in history. The people who followed God had strayed from His path, and their sins had caused God to destroy their land. But although Isaiah had no idea how things would turn out, he knew that God was in control and he believed that God would be victorious in the end. Isaiah spent his life proclaiming this message to the people. And that is the message of the book of Isaiah: Turn to God.

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