What is the Difference Between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring?


If you’ve found that special someone and this is your first marriage, you might wonder the differences of an engagement ring vs wedding ring. You’ve come to the right place for a description of each one and whether you need both!

Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is typically given upon proposing, so it’s usually the flashier of the two rings. Whether the design is more intricate or the rock is larger, the engagement ring is more aesthetic.

To go one step further, an engagement ring can be anything. It can be flashy, but it’s also about the meaning of your bond together. For example, some people propose with a claddagh ring to symbolize the heart being claimed instead of a huge diamond.

While the “Deadpool” scene with the Ring-Pop is funny, it fit the couple so make sure to choose an engagement ring that finds the balance between aesthetic and meaning that your partner will appreciate.

Wedding Ring 

To get one thing out of the way, a wedding ring and a wedding band are the same thing. It can be confusing to see them advertised under two names, but it’s because wedding rings are generally bands.

Where the engagement ring tends to be the one that gets shown off at parties and in pictures, the wedding ring is simple. It’s usually a band of whatever metal matches the engagement ring, like white gold or sterling silver.

It’s rare that a wedding band has any kind of ornamentation, because it holds the symbolic meaning of commitment to go with the love proposed in the engagement ring. Still, some couples like to have a single diamond or stone if the engagement ring has several.

Do You Need Both?

Traditionally, married women end up wearing 2 rings. They receive the engagement ring when they accept a proposal and get the wedding band at the marriage ceremony, which is why they’re sold as wedding sets most of the time.  Also be sure to look for ring ideas at luxurydiamonds.ca as well.

The sets also help to make sure that the rings match in material and similar looks. However, this doesn’t mean anyone has to stick to tradition.

If a woman chooses to wear only one ring, she generally goes with the engagement ring as the wedding ring because it’s usually larger and more aesthetically pleasing. It might also just be an outfit decision, where a single wedding band goes better with a simple wardrobe.

Either way, it’s not a necessity to wear more than one ring or even receive 2 if the budget or want doesn’t warrant both. In that case, the engagement ring would just be removed prior to the wedding and given again at the ceremony.

Do Men Wear 2 Rings?

The simple answer is no, whether due to tradition or comfort. While men propose with an engagement ring, they don’t actually get a ring until the wedding day when they exchange wedding bands.

Some women have expressed frustration that nothing shows that a man is engaged prior to the wedding, but it’s still very atypical for a man to wear an engagement ring. Even when it does happen, it’s even more rare for him to wear an engagement ring coupled with a wedding band.

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