What is the Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil?

Meta Description: What is the difference between hempseed oil and CBD oil? The post provides relevant info to help you get more from these oils without hassle.


OhBeyond has an immense collection of CBD oils on sale. But before you start the shopping spree, there’s something you need to know – CBDs are different. 

Not all CBDs have the same potency required for some medical conditions. Also, some CBD tinctures may be too potent for lighter uses. 

The potency of these oils usually stem from their adopted extraction techniques. Distillates, isolates, and whole plant options have different efficacy ratios. And when it comes to oils drawn from the cannabis sativa, there’s a marked efficacy gap. 

Even if these terms could mean the same thing to some, hemp oils and CBD oils are different. These differences could play an immense role as to how users’ health is affected. 

To get a grasp of which cannabis product is right, exploring the differences is crucial. It is also essential to pinpoint important ingredients, and see how these oils provide benefits. 

Hemp Oil vs. Hempseed Oil vs. CBD Oil: Know the Difference 

CBD oils are made from leaves, stalk, and other parts of hemp plants. Hemp oil, as the name implies, come from hemp seeds, and has almost no CBD content. 

Pure hemp oil can only possess up to .3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) according to regulatory guidelines. 

Each oil has their peculiar short and long-term gains. 

Hempseed oil, on the other hand, features oils extracted from industrial hemp seeds. Most culinary experts rely on the viscous properties and peculiar taste of these oils. 

But if you’re planning to use it for therapy or recreation, know that these oils don’t have CBD beforehand. 

Ingredients to Look For 

Hemp oil

When you’re in the market for hemp oils, take a closer look at your preferred choices’ packaging. 

Confirm if there is any lettering stating ‘hemp oil’ or ‘hempseed oil’. Also, other products could have words like ‘cannabis sativa seed oil’ or ‘cannabis seed oil’ to describe hemp oil. 

CBD oil

Consider checking your preferred CBD oils packaging for terms ‘CBD’ or ‘Cannabidiol’. These terms are used in many circles to describe CBD oils. 

Health Benefits of Hemp Oil 

Skin disorders

A slew of skin disorders like eczema, acne, psoriasis, lichen planus, etc. could get eradicated with regular hemp oil use. With the soothing properties of these oils, several skin problems could be forgotten in record time. 

Bacterial infections capable of affecting the skin also get staved off with regular hemp oil use. 

Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) medication

Discomfort and other undesirable symptoms attached to PMS need urgent attention. Without adequate, timely intervention, these symptoms could degenerate to something much worse. 

That’s why several users recommend hemp oil for managing PMS symptoms. With regular use of this oil, those unwanted symptoms could be gone in no time. 

High nutritional power

Hemp oils have up to 70% omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. With this high concentration of fatty acids, proper motor functions become more comfortable. 

Benefits of CBD Oil

Anti-inflammation support

Inflammation is a major external and internal health issue for several people. With high inflammatory symptoms comes a higher chance of long-term discomfort. But with CBD oils providing anti-inflammatory properties, there’s a lot of relief. 

These oils work in reducing inflammatory cytokine influence, making injured people feel more comfortable. Aside from being great for anti-inflammation, CBD oils are great for general skincare.

Pain relief

CBD oils interact with our nervous system with a sole purpose – limiting pain. A few droplets of the right concentration could help in stunting discomfort. 

Cardiovascular health enhancement

Heart health is a significant benefit CBD oils offer. CBD has a major chance to improve cardio health, limit stroke episodes, stunt high blood pressure, and many more. All these gains make sure you have the right support for your heart in the long run. 

Anti-insomniac properties

Some studies show that CBD oil has a direct impact on assuring better naps for users. The product acts as an agent targeting increased REM sleep. 

With its high sleep support properties comes relief from stress and improved mental and physical wellbeing. 

Final Word

Weed-washing (enveloped by hemp oil frenzy) could lead some buyers to an underwhelming choice. Consider making your own research into potential choices before a final selection. 

With regulatory bodies cautioning some oil makers recently, you need to take this seriously. 

Regardless of your immediate needs for a plant-based solution, there’s an option out there to consider.  Whether you’re keen on stress reduction, inflammation control, etc. there’s a product you’ll find perfect.

When you’re trying to choose between therapeutic oils, keep all factors firm in your buying decision. Check what your preferred product packaging says and consult with a doctor before using these oils. 

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