What is the Difference Between Interior Design and Property Styling?


The difference between interior design and property styling is elusive. As a result, many people use the two terms interchangeably. However, there is a clear distinction.


Although property styling uses many elements from interior design, the two are not the same. Property styling is the process of styling a room to present its features at their full potential. On the other hand, interior design describes the process of tailoring a space to suit the needs and tastes of the users. Although the definitions provide some distinction, there is more to it. Here are some other differences

The Audience

Design projects have an audience that is independent of the designer. In interior design, the main audience is the individual users of a space. Therefore, the styling is done to meet the taste and needs of the users.

Interior designers bank on including personal touches to spaces. As a result, they use personal photos, sentimental possessions, and expressive art pieces to style a room. Success for an interior designer is confirmed when the client is happy with the final look.

On the other hand, the audience for a property stylist is potential buyers viewing a home. As a result, property styling is carried out in alignment with the prevailing market trends. It’s not about individual tastes but the most popular preferences.

Property stylists leave out personal styling components. Paintings and portraits are only used to exude an artistic appeal instead of an individual’s expression. Property styling serves as property advertisement, and success is measured by the number of enquiries for purchase.

The Purpose

Interior designers use their talents to bring an individual’s vision of a room to life. It’s a tedious process that involves drawing up many concepts. However, several elements of a space are refined through interior design. These include the colour, lighting, texture and space utilisation.

Although interior designers can refine ideas and concepts, the final selection rests with the owner.

Unlike property stylists, interior designers are often reeled into a project early. Furthermore, the best Miami interior designers often start developing concepts during the construction of the house. As a result, they influence the structural design of the different spaces.

Property stylists are primarily called in when a property is about to go up in the market. The purpose of a property stylist is to bring out a room’s best features by manipulating existing design elements. Their work is to make a house showroom ready.

The Rules

Unwritten laws guide property styling, although they are not strict. For example, a common rule is to create an impressive initial impression. Therefore, special focus is drawn to entryways and the first common spaces in a house. Moreover, lighting should be consistent across all rooms. The curtains should also remain drawn to highlight the natural lighting within a space. Other rules guide the placement of sofas and carpets within a room. Nonetheless, th rules are flexible.

Inversely, interior design only follows the rules created by the client. There are no limitations to what you can or cannot do. As a result, interior design welcomes unique styling approaches and unconventional designs. The results are also widely varied.

Why Get An Interior Designer

An interior designer will come in handy if you own a home and want to personalise the space. A lot goes into designing a space that reflects your personality. As a result, the process is tiresome. However, an interior designer makes your work easier. You only need to articulate your vision and leave the rest to the designer.

Why Get a Property Stylist

A property stylist is a great asset to have when selling your home. The home staging approach helps attract potential clients and allows properties to sell at competitive prices. Moreover, styling helps sell fast.

The property stylist you choose matters a lot. Although there are many options in the market, your selection should be guided by reputation, reviews and industry standards. Several ‘bad apples’ con clients and delay sales; therefore, exercise caution.

Since you know the difference between an interior designer and a property stylist, you can get in touch with the right team.


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