What is the Importance of Physiotherapy After Orthopedic Surgery?


Traumatic injuries could be serious and they are generally accompanied by bone fractures. In the case of high-impact trauma, fractures that occur are generally displaced where the broken bone fragments leave their true anatomical position. In such cases, surgery using Ortho Implants is performed to immobilize the fractured bone fragments and ensure their proper healing.

But the point to be noticed here is that only orthopedic surgery cannot heal the fracture alone, physical therapy also plays an important role. This is one of the reasons why doctors suggest physiotherapy treatment from downtown for a specific time to ensure a better and quicker recovery. In this post, we will discuss what role physiotherapy plays after orthopedic surgery. Meanwhile, we suggest you click the link if you need professional assistance regarding rail worker safety medical assessment.

How Physiotherapy is Important after Orthopedic Surgery?

When we talk about the recovery of people after orthopedic surgery, then there are certain factors associated with it:

  • The type and location of surgery
  • The general health of the patient
  • The age of the patient

These above-mentioned three factors play an important role in deciding how quick and better will be the recovery of the patient after orthopaedic surgery. Besides all this, physiotherapy is also a key factor that speeds up the healing process and improves recovery. One of the reasons why physiotherapy is recommended is that it improves the mobility of the fractured area and provides better flexibility when the fracture heals completely.

Above all, it is also noticed that doing physical therapy as prescribed by the doctor also helps in pain management. This is not the only thing why physical therapy is recommended, there are other benefits as well.

Doing physical therapy under the guidance of a therapist is known to minimize the chances of blood clot formation in the affected area.

After surgery, the surrounding tissues on the operated area become weak, but physiotherapy helps strengthen tissues and muscles.

Physiotherapy makes the person self-reliant and helps him/her feel better.

What does Physiotherapy Involves?

From the starting, we are talking about physiotherapy, but the point here is to know what physiotherapy includes. This is what we will discuss here.

The type of physiotherapy will depend upon the location and type of surgery. This is because different types of exercises are performed for different types of orthopedic surgeries. The following physio exercises are recommended by the Orleans Physiotherapy Clinic to help patients have better flexibility and reduce muscles pain. But in general, physiotherapy involves exercises that are aimed at strengthening the body (especially the operated area) and improving mobility. Besides this, sometimes laser treatment and electric stimulation are also involved in physical therapy.

For the management of severe pain, the doctor will also prescribe analgesics and may also suggest anti-inflammatory drugs. Remember, proper guidance by a physiotherapist is a must to correctly perform the exercise. This is because performing exercises wrongly could negatively affect the health of the patient. Thus, knowing the right way of doing exercise is a must.

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