What Is The Penalty For Driving Without A Licence In Nova Scotia?


Few instances can be as humiliating as getting caught while driving without a licence. Just like any other province in Canada, Nova Scotia has its own set of legalities governing this matter. It’s easy to forget to carry your wallet every time you sit at the steering wheel. So, it pays to have a copy of your driving licence in your car in the first place.

Failing to have a valid driving licence in Nova Scotia attracts penalties and fines. So, what do you think is the penalty for driving without a licence in Nova Scotia? 

Driving without a licence projects you as an irresponsible and high-risk driver. This would reflect in terms of higher premiums with your insurer. If you have landed in this unfortunate circumstance, visit this website and consult the insurance brokers. The professionals will help you find a more affordable insurance policy.

What are the consequences of driving without a valid licence in Nova Scotia? — An in-depth guide for motorists

In case you drive without a licence, the penalty or fine can be around $250 in Nova Scotia for the infraction. In addition, you may have to shell out misdemeanor charges. These accusations tend to be more serious. If you’re caught driving without a licence in Nova Scotia for the second time, you might face these accusations. In these conditions, you may have to pay $400 as a fine.

Again, you might face several penalties if you are accused of driving without a licence under the Highway Traffic Act in Nova Scotia while your licence is suspended. Under the first offense, you have to pay at least $1,000 as a fine. The maximum fine can range up to $5,000. Also, you can face imprisonment for up to six months. If the judge feels that your offense is serious enough, you can face both imprisonment and a fine.

Expired licence due to non-renewal

Just like your car insurance policy, you need to renew your driving licence at the right time. Forgetting to renew the licence can attract penalties and fines. If you do not renew your licence plate sticker, it might be considered expired. These scenarios are quite common, and you need to take guard against such situations from arising.

In Nova Scotia, the dates of your licence plate sticker expiry and driving licence expiry are synced together. So, you need to get them renewed at the same time. In case the sticker expires as well, you need to pay an additional fine of around $85.

Also, it pays to take guard against leaving your licence expired for a pretty long period. If this happens, you need to complete the licensing process from the beginning. Now, if you leave the licence expired for three or more years, you need to reapply for your driving licence. Also, you need to fulfill the standard formalities.

What is the penalty for teenagers who drive without a licence in Nova Scotia?

As per the Highway Traffic Act, a teenager might face these consequences if they are caught driving without a licence in Nova Scotia.

  • A traffic ticket
  • Impoundment of the vehicle
  • Loss of your privileges to drive
  • Imprisonment up to six months

The number of accusations in the past and the nature of the offense largely determine the penalties. For example, if a teenager misses carrying a driving licence for the first time, they might just face a ticket. In the second instance, law enforcement authorities might impound the vehicle. On the third offense, a fine of $500 might be imposed, and the person might land up in prison for six months.

What are the consequences of operating a vehicle with a suspended driver’s licence in Nova Scotia?

You may get your licence suspended in Nova Scotia for various reasons. This includes impaired driving or accumulating too many demerit points. 

Suspension of your licence implies that you are banned from driving any motor vehicle in Nova Scotia for the specified period.

Now, if caught driving with a suspended licence in Nova Scotia, you may face the following penalties.

  • Fines ranging between $1,000 and $5,000 for the first offense.
  • For subsequent offenses, the fine would range between $2,000 and $5,000. The imprisonment term cannot exceed six months under any circumstance. In some situations, you may face both these penalties.

Impact of driving without a licence on insurance premiums

Getting caught while driving without a licence will tarnish your driving record. The offense would remain on your driving history for three years. This would portray you as a high-risk driver. Naturally, your insurer is likely to spike your annual premiums.

Moreover, your insurer would refuse to cover the losses if you land in an accident while driving without a licence. So, you would have to shell out the expenses from your pocket. Even if it’s the other driver’s fault, you will fail to qualify for the benefits from your insurer. This is because your insurer requires you to be an authorized and licenced driver to be eligible for their benefits.

Apart from shelling out the penalty for driving without a licence in Nova Scotia, you won’t be able to sue another driver at fault. 

Again, if the law enforcement authorities hand over a ticket to you for the conviction, you would be paying higher insurance premiums in the long run.

Penalty for driving without a licence in Nova Scotia — Endnote

You need a driving licence in Canada to purchase a car. Neither would you be able to get your car insured. This demonstrates how crucial it is to have a valid driving licence.

Try not to drive without a licence in Nova Scotia in the first place. However, if you land up in this mess, don’t worry about increased insurance premiums. A reputed insurance broker will help you find an affordable policy. The professionals compare rates and premiums and provide customized quotes in a few minutes. Working closely with insurance brokers, you can find cost-effective insurance policies to cover your vehicle.

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