What is The Perfect Bingo Gift?


Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world with millions playing the game every year. This popularity is a result of a number of factors but one of the key attractions is that the game is purely down to luck, meaning that the person playing next to you goes into the game with exactly the same chance of winning.

Unlike other games, especially those found online and in casinos, bingo does not favour the house and is won or lost as a result of factors out of your control. It is an easy game to play but is just as thrilling as other popular games such as blackjack and roulette.

Below we will be listing some great gifts that you can buy for your bingo loving family members and friends. Is bingo not your cup of tea? Why not play some online roulette or blackjack? You could even try your luck playing some other popular games for bingo enthusiasts.

Bingo Theme Tote Bag

With all of us trying our best to reduce our environmental impact and cut down on the amount of plastic we use, why not get your bingo loving special someone a stylish bingo themed tote bag? Tote bags are great because you can take them to the store with you so that you do not need to buy/take a plastic bag when you get to the register.

What’s more, tote bags are super multi-use and are really handy for carrying items around with you – they are a lot less bulky than a big handbag as well. It could also be a great gift because it could be used to carry their bingo related items to the bingo hall.

Bingo Cage

Bingo Cage

This item could be a great birthday or Christmas gift and would be an amazing way of showing the recipient that you acknowledge their passion for bingo and that you want to help them play wherever they wish. Getting this item for them would also be a fun way of bonding with them as it would mean that you could play with them.

The bingo cage linked above is a little bit on the expensive side but would definitely be a statement gift. You know you can rely on it as well because its 219 reviews (at the time of writing) has given it 4.5 stars out of 5. It even comes with free delivery for Prime customers!

The listing describes it as being designed for “intense use” meaning that it shouldn’t break on you any time soon while it is also coated in plastic – this should make it a little bit quieter when in use. This model also comes with 90 colored balls and a check tray to accommodate them all. It also has rubber studs at the bottom to stop it from slipping.

Lucky Bingo T-Shirt

What better way to announce to the world that you love bingo than to have a special lucky t-shirt? By wearing this top to the bingo hall you can be sure to be the talk of the town. Available in more than 15 different colors, this t-shirt features a classy design that isn’t too ‘in your face’ but is still eye-catching enough to draw attention to you.

This shirt is available in  black, white, red, yellow, green and blue, to name just a few of the many options, so you can be sure that it’s pretty unlikely that you will be clashing with anybody else. A fun way of styling this item is to coordinate with your friends so that you all have matching bingo outfits!

Imagine how cool you would look if you paired this t-shirt with the tote bag mentioned above – you would without a doubt send a message to everybody else that you are the biggest bingo lover in the room.

Bingo Dabbers

Bingo Dabbers

Having the right equipment is essential for any true bingo lover and a dabber is a key part of this. There is nothing worse than hearing one of your numbers get called and then discovering that your dabber is out of ink; that is why it is important to always have spares and with this product, you will have plenty! You can even share them with your friends.

It gets better too with a majority of bingo dabbers being made with non-toxic ink and materials and so you can rest easy knowing that they won’t be a danger to any little ones that might get their hands on them. This also means that they can also be used by children if you are playing a game with them at home – bingo is a great way to improve concentration.

Personalized Bingo Mug

This item is a great way of adding a more personal touch to your gift as it can be customized to include the name of the recipient. The mug is a white ceramic item and features a bingo caller on the front with the caption “bingo queen” underneath. On the reverse side there is a cartoon of a bingo card and space for a more personal message.

The mug weighs approximately 310g and has a capacity of 300ml – that’s enough to hold near enough one small can of Cola. You can be sure of good quality too with the item description stating that it is dishwasher and microwave safe and uses the “highest quality ink to produce [a] clear and glossy finish.”

Final Thoughts

So what did you think? We hope you saw at least one item that is perfect for your bingo crazy family member or friend. There were so many great items listed but we think the bingo cage edges it – it is such a bold item and would be a great gift for someone that wants to play bingo with their friends and family at home.

Please do get in touch to let us know which item was your favorite – we hope it makes the perfect gift!



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