What Is the Reason for the Casino to Give Bonuses for the Game

Bonuses are the forefront representatives of any online casino. While shopping for a new casino, the welcome bonuses appear in capital letters and glittering fonts. Of course, there are other determinant factors to consider before joining a new platform. Yet, generous online casino bonuses can blind even the most pragmatic players. Come with us to understand more about this essential part of any online casino adventure.

A Bonus for Every Occasion

Welcome offers are arguably the most popular casino bonuses out there. However, an online casino with a solid bonus scheme offers much more than an initial gift. Follow our guest specialist, Kristoffer Haagensen, for more information about casino bonuses.

Norwegians can also enjoy the best bonus available for online gamblers. Check “beste casino bonuser” and find the best offer for you. Further, there are also reload bonuses, cashback, free spins, special bonuses for specific games, and more.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are usually the first ones, of course. Still, the no-deposit bonus can come before them. Welcome offers a typical reward based on a deposit-match proportion like: “100% deposit match bonus up to xxx”. It means your initial deposit will be doubled to a certain amount. No-deposit bonuses are small, one-time offers of free cash for new players so that they can have a taste of the real feel of the platform.

Free Spins

Free spins can come with the welcome package and standalone bonuses for existing customers. This kind of bonus can be exclusive to certain slot machines or used in any machine, but up to a certain amount only.

Reloads and Cashback

Reload bonuses are also based on the deposit match logic, only here, the proportions are much smaller than in the welcome offers. Typically, these bonuses are awarded weekly to keep players engaged and making new deposits. Cashback offers also tend to be weekly, and it returns to players a small portion of what they spent over the week.

Loyalty Points

Some games award points to their participants, counted towards the V.I.P. program. The more games, the more points; the more points, the higher the V.I.P. level. Because V.I.P. Players get many more advantages than regular players, loyalty points are a great way to keep players in action.

Live Dealer Bonuses

Live dealer games have risen sharply in popularity in recent years, and live games correspond now to a sizable portion of online casinos. Not every casino has a live dealer section, as this kind of gaming requires some pretty advanced technology. On the other hand, other casinos aim to promote new games in this section or announce they’re launching one.

Referral Bonus

Here casinos invite you to play on their side and bring a friend. Referral bonuses can be sweet increments to anyone’s bankroll. Besides, casinos get two new players instead of one, so it’s a win-win exchange.

Promotions Everywhere – Really?

There are several kinds of bonuses, as demonstrated above. Although these bonuses differ in values and uses, they all share a common purpose: get as many people playing for as long as possible. There are bonuses for getting in, making new deposits every week, tons of free spins, and cashback bonuses coming out of the blue.

Besides, as any economics book for beginners would agree, there’s no such a thing as free lunch. Every bonus comes with strings attached, the so-called wagering or rollover requirements. Here’s how it works: consider an offer of a 100% deposit match up to EUR 1,000. You make a EUR 500 deposit, resulting in a bankroll of EUR 1,000.

However, this bonus comes with a rollover requirement of 50x. It means that you’ll bet EUR 50,000 before being able to cash winnings made from this offer. Bottom line: always check the wagering/rollover requirement before signing into a new casino. A wagering requirement of 50x is a rather extreme example, but there are many offers like that out there. So, be careful.


Although certain criteria must be met before making money out of any bonus, these offers do help players a great deal. After all, they help keep their bankrolls well-fed and keep the game going. Above all, happy customers come back more often.