What is the Role of a Contractor After a Construction Site Accident?

Accidents are life-changing occurrences. They can leave you drained physically, mentally, and financially. Although most people take the utmost care to avoid accidents, the carelessness of others around them can lead to traumatic experiences.

One place that is prone to accidents, no matter how many safety precautions are in place, is a construction site. The risks of an accident are considerably high, given the fact that a construction site is full of hazardous elements. Even if you practice all the required safety guidelines when operating roofing equipment, you aren’t safe from the environmental elements.

It is vital for a contractor to be insured at all times, especially for someone who is in the roofing industry in Florida. Since Florida has a never-ending love affair with hurricanes because of geographical reasons, getting Florida contractors insurance should be the priority among roofing contractors.

In the unfortunate event that you or one of your workers has been involved in an accident, it is essential to take the necessary legal and medical steps.

The first step after a construction site accident is to identify responsibility. Different people can be held liable based on the type of accident.

Accidents Caused Due to Contractor Negligence

A contractor whose negligence leads to an accident is in a tight spot. Not only do they have to deal with lawsuits, but the accident also puts a massive dent in their reputation.

In times like this, liability insurance is a roofing contractor’s best friend.

Liability insurance is useful for handling court and attorney costs. Not just that, liability insurance also offers compensation to those injured in the accident.

Accidents Caused by the Employer/Building Owner

Usually, a contractor is the person responsible for all workplace-related incidents. However, there is an exception. When the building owner takes up the role of a construction manager and an accident happens, the building owner can be held responsible as per OSHA guidelines.

Accidents that Cause Property Damage

Roofing contractors can also be held responsible for any property damage they or their workers may cause. Assume a roofing contractor takes up a job at a two-story house. One of the ladders slips and breaks a bedroom window. In this case, the roofing contractor is the liable party since the ladder is the contractor’s responsibility. The roofing contractor must also pay for the damages.

Accidents that Cause Injury to Third-Party

Another incident where roofing contractors can face lawsuits is third-party injury.

A third-party injury is when someone who is not the employer or a roofer is injured in an accident. The third party is usually a passerby or, in some rare cases, a visitor to the employer who may be injured by debris, falling tools, or other equipment.

In the event of a third-party injury, the roofing contractor will be held liable. During times like this, roofing insurance will be their only saving grace. This insurance helps cover all the financial damages, like medical, rehabilitation, and lost wages, that the injured third party has suffered.

Roofing is a risky business since it involves working at a dangerous height. Even the most careful roofing contractor may get involved in an accident. Insurance is a godsend in such situations. Not only does roofing contractor insurance offer protection in times of hardship, but it also helps contractors get back on their feet and safeguard their reputation.