What is Variable Voltage Battery for Vaping

There was once a time when lighting up a cigarette was a cool and trendy thing to do. Those days are long gone, as we now know that there are very serious health risks involved in smoking tobacco. It’s also banned in public places in many countries across the world. Vaping, on the other hand, is taking on a life of its own! Safer – by a long way – than smoking, and with none of the risks of passive smoking, vaping includes inhaling a cloud of vapour rather than smoke, and is for many people an enjoyable pastime.

If you are new to vaping then you will already have discovered there is a lot to learn! The differences between vape pens and vape mods, for example, and the many different e-liquids you can buy are all things that take some getting used to. Then there’s the jargon that comes with vaping. You will likely know that the vapor is produced by a battery-powered coil that acts as part of a heating element, but what is a variable voltage battery, and why might you need one? This is what we’re going to explain, and we’ll keep it as simple as we can!

The Coil and the Battery

Two of the main constituents of the vape pen or vape mod – the latter, incidentally, comes from the early days when clever people would ‘modify’ other small electronic devices to vaporise stuff – are the coil and the battery. Vape battery provides the power to allow the coil to perform its primary purpose, which is to create the cloud that the user inhales. This is done by heating the element that heats that e-liquid or CBD oil to the right temperature. Now it gets clever.

There are different coils, with different levels of resistance. By changing from one resistance to another, you can change the temperature at which the optimum cloud is produced. At first, using a simple vape pen that most beginners use, you may not bother with such details. As you get more into vaping, you will find that quite considerable difference can be made by switching coils.

The coils job is to provide resistance that needs to be overcome by the battery, to the degree that the perfect temperature is reached. This is why the variable voltage battery is sometimes needed – higher and lower resistance coils require different voltages to operate! Before we get too complex, let’s simplify it: you might need more voltage for one coil than you will for another. So, can you buy a variable voltage battery?

Buying a Variable Voltage Battery

If you have got to the point where you are experimenting with different resistance coils, you might want to look at the Evod Twist variable voltage battery, which is available from reputable vape shops online. This is a very popular choice of battery that will fit most vape mods, and it covers voltages between 3.2v to 4.8v, which is plenty range for the various coils on the market. It’s easy to use – you just turn the small dial to choose your voltage – and is a tried and tested battery, so we recommend you check it out further if you are heading down this route.

Vaping may be a simple act, yet there are many accessories and add-ons that you can buy, and we know from experience that the more experienced you become, the more sophisticated your vape kit will be! So, check out this variable voltage battery now and see how you can start to fine tune your vaping experience in ways you may not have realised.