What makes a good footer?


There are many footer examples on the internet. But which ones work to improve your reputation? Good footer design brings additional conversion to the site. Visitors who were hesitant to purchase can become your customers. Sometimes people just need a little final push. High-quality animation in website design often becomes such a crochet. And sometimes it is enough to offer once again to order a call back. Then there will be a full consultation with the manager and you will receive a grateful client. But first you need to figure out which footer design for website to choose. Also analyze your business and decide what to put in the final blocks of information. Remember that the good website footer will be different for different projects.

Great footer design

We analyzed the main footer design trends and selected the best ideas to help your website stand out from the rest. All advice is for guidance only. The client and the developer must correctly submit the project idea in order to get business benefits as a result.


Simplicity is ideal for the human eye to perceive new information.

The human eye is irritated by a large flow of information. It can be anything:

  • Many bright colors;
  • A large amount of text;
  • Constantly blinking advertising banners.

You shouldn’t try to put all the useful information at the bottom of the site. The designer is better off focusing on the essentials. You should also try to attract attention with calm neutral colors. But emptiness works best. On a neutral background, you can place only social media buttons or only the company’s office on Google maps. This is enough to create a salary. If a person is interested in a site or product, the visitor will most likely become your client. You also give the user additional leverage to find you again.

Modeling an efficient list

Like quality typography, proper list modeling is essential for a sitemap. Proper list spacing is important in web design because it improves clarity and focus. The same is true for the sitemap and other footer listings. Also, make sure to allow more white space for column headings than for list items to better convey the hierarchy.

Borders can be used to separate list items. Italics look nice and define list items more precisely. In some cases, a font with a contrasting color looks impressive.

Unique footer

The weirdness effect can be achieved in different ways. It all depends on the topic of the site. For example, if your site is an aggregator of movies and TV shows, you can put a small online player in the footer and stream movies non-stop. Of course, this decision is controversial. This trick will make the page load slower. Also, the constant flashing of frames can annoy some users. Designers need to worry about allowing users to quickly mute or hide the player altogether. But at the same time, users will definitely not forget such a site.

The difference between footer and general content

Each footer is ideally clearly separated from the rest of the information on the site on which it is located. Footers are often of a different color than the area above it. Most often, the background color of the footer differs from the background color of the main content area by only one tone, but it is noticeable. It looks like a box with the most important information. Footers are usually made on darker backgrounds. Some of them have graphic or illustrated backgrounds.

Occasionally, you may see ad banners flashing at the bottom of the page. This trick is not widely used. But in some cases it can be useful:

  • Redirect the user to another site of the company with a similar theme (if one owner has several sites);
  • Help the visitor choose related products;
  • Apply for a related service when purchasing a product.


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