What Material is used for Lanyards?

Before getting to know what material is used to make lanyards, it would be a good idea we start with definitions. Lanyards are straps mostly worn around the neck and are used to carry identification cards, keys or whistles. Now that you know what they are, you would love to know what they are made of, right?

Lanyards are made from various materials depending on their purpose. Below we will discuss the different materials used to make lanyards


Nylon lanyards are usually made from soft synthetic glossy material that is thoroughly compacted into a strong durable fiber. Since the fabric is thin and light, it offers maximum comfort all day long. With the smooth surface, this material allows for efficient printing for individuals or companies that are interested in customizing their lanyards. Note that the material is usually a perfect choice for anyone that needs silkscreen printing. 


Cotton lanyards are produced from satin cotton, which is generally known as the best comfort material for lanyards. Other than comfort, cotton is also renowned for efficient heat absorption. This characteristic also makes it compatible with full color heat transfer printing. Actually, it is the only lanyard material that can withstand full color heat transfer printing. 

Soft Satin

Ultra weave lanyards are made of a smooth satin like material. It is comfortable and a great choice for a person looking for lanyard to use for a long period of time. This is highly preferable for individuals in need of lanyards with high detail and numerous colors. 


Round braid lanyards are formed from long wearing polypropylene. It is the most common lanyard material thanks to its affordability. With the material being less durable, polypropylene lanyards are most appropriate for short term use. This would include events such as company events, trade shows or advertising events. 

Tubular Polyester 

The tubular polyester creates opti-weave lanyards that are a great choice for someone in need of screen printing. Moreover, tubular polyester lanyards are made for use with DTACH attachment options. 

Flat Polyester 

The ribbed flat polyester makes the micro-weave type of lanyards that are known for comfort. This makes them wearable all day long without any sort of discomfort on the skin. Lanyards made from this material are also a great option for simple custom imprinting. This is especially where there is no need for multiple colors. 

Polyester Twill 

Polyester twill is a lanyard making material whose texture lean more on being cotton than being nylon. Being cotton-like, it creates very comfortable and durable lanyards. Polyester twill lanyards can be custom-imprinted with the hot stamp printing method. Note that hot stamping is suitable for short usage in creating simple logos for events like conventions or marketing shows. Polyester twill lanyards are also appropriate for dye sublimation. 


Bamboo products are becoming quite preferred because of their environment-friendliness. Lanyards made from bamboo fibers are strong, durable and comfortable as well. Besides, bamboo lanyards are bacteria-resistant. 

What lanyard material is good for you? Pick your preference and make sure it is comfortable.