What mountain bikes to buy in 2021?

New year is around the corner and you might think that now is the time you should say good bye to your old bicycle. The technology has come pretty far and it has changed the way manufacturing lines were once used to be. Now, we have more variety and options, with each addressing a particular set of needs at one side but confusing people on the other end, making them think which one to buy. So, here is a brief overview of different types of bicycles which will help you in figuring out what mountain bikes to buy.

Cross country

The cross country bike is your pick if you love riding through trails for long time. Although there aren’t many obstacles when riding on trails, you still need a great deal of endurance and control which are provided to you by cross country bikes.

All mountain

When we refer to all mountain bikes, we talk about the ones that are challenging and can go through a variety of terrains. These bicycles can ride through tough trails and challenging obstacles, taking you through plain grounds as well as the tricky natural mountain landscape.


Cross country bikes usually involve curves and snaking paths as you move along the trails but the downhill is all about speed. It is about coming down from a mountain as fast as possible, using control and focus to handle the bike. These bikes can be blazing quick and are thrilling for both riders as well as spectators.

Dirt jumping

If you are more of an adventurous person and love those fancy flips and tricks, you may need a dirt jumping bike. It would be a perfect ally for those who want to climb up the dirt park and do a few crazy stunts. They can climb up ramps at quick speed and can also tackle with the jerks and shocks upon landing.


A freeride essentially combines the mountain riding and dirt jumping into one. It can be seen as a combination of dirt and all terrain mountain bikes. These are versatile and usually preferred by individuals who do flicks and tricks while riding tricky on trails and hills.