What Online Casino Games Are Gamblers Loving?


The rise in popularity of online casinos in recent years has brought with it many keen players looking for the best games involving skill and luck. These players have encouraged the development of better and better games and have brought new dimensions to a hobby that can provide the best in thrills and entertainment with minimal effort. Of course, some games lend themselves to online play better than others. Players too are just as influenced by the want to play games that themselves are popular, it’s easy to see why as the more popular the game, the better the casino fairs and the higher the bonuses it can offer.

The development of games in recent years has been very rapid; it’s a competitive market for developers and their companies. With the many online games to choose from, developers know their offerings need to be top-notch to bring a wide smile to your face while keeping you entertained and having fun while you play.

Fans of online casino games can play at any UK-based fast withdrawal casino of their choosing, this means casinos are heavily focused on introducing the right games at the right times to keep their own offerings fresh whilst maintaining those favourites that have gained popularity over the years.

To help you choose and understand why some games are more popular than others, here are some of the most popular online casino games at the moment.

Online Slots

Just as their land-based counterparts tend to heavily favour slots as they are forever popular, offer great entertainment and keep you smiling while you play, online casinos too offer what in many ways is the best way to play slots. It’s safe to say slots have an enormous fan base and their popularity shows no sign of declining. Online slots have garnered followers and fans from those that have tried the games as they often offer the chance of winning large prizes from small wagers. All the lights, colours and imagery of the best online slots combine with high RTPs to bring entertaining games you will want to play again and again. Different slots players all have their own favourite versions of the game; broadly speaking they fit into one of six categories

Classic Slots

Online classic slots are those games that resemble their predecessors and were solely mechanical. Expect to see the familiar reels and even the lever of a traditional mechanical slot machine. These features are brought alive and right up to date with some of the slickest, but simple and easily played of all the slot games.

Virtual Reality Slots

Virtual reality slots are something that is gaining popularity with some players. It renders the online slot experience in VR to bring the experience as close to a land-based casino in feel. However, with VR comes the possibility of special effects and gameplay rendering not ever possible in real life. VR slots may not be for everyone as some equipment is required to play, but for others, they offer an interesting and entertaining branch to the hobby.

Interactive Slots

Online interactive slots incorporate cut scenes and mini-games to advance your way through the game’s storyline. Progression can be gained by matching bonuses, completing tasks or gaining special symbols. Some mini-games within the story will be skill-based and add a different dimension to the traditional slot experience. This brings with it the chance to try different strategies and keep your reaction speeds up to par while leading to some great entertainment. Those that love a theme and storyline keep these interactive slots ever popular and a feature of the best online casinos.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot online slots have seen a huge surge in popularity and it’s easy to see why. With an impressive enough starting jackpot on the first game, things get really interesting if the prize is not won with the next game’s jackpot increasing in size. This can mean some very large jackpots can become available and this attracts players who see the thrill of the chase and love the entertainment it brings.

Three, Five, Six and Seven Reel Slots

Slots come in the traditional three-reel format, one easily played and recognised by beginners, but somewhat limited in pay line options, these have been joined, but not always superseded by formats offering up to seven and more reels that give vastly more pay lines, but also bring a more complex feel to the games.


Online Blackjack, or as it is sometimes known, twenty-one, is a simple and traditional casino game that has transitioned with great popularity to the online casino world. With a simple goal, the game sees the player competing against the house, both the croupier and the player are dealt one face-up card and the chase begins. The first to reach twenty-one wins, but go over and you have lost.

As with online slots, a number of variants of Blackjack exist in a similar manner, the ever-popular game also can offer progressive jackpots and some great entertainment.


Online Poker differs slightly from the other games featured; it has the biggest possibility to be influenced by a players’ skill. For this reason, it has become hugely popular online. With Texas Hold’em possibly being the variant with the greatest following. Players play each other, not the house, adding a personal feel to the games and letting your creativity in gameplay flow. Cash games as well as tournaments are on offer giving plenty of options on a short duration play when you have a spare moment. This easy access to a familiar game has brought great online success.


Online Roulette is now more popular with simple easy access than the land-based casino game could ever have dreamed of. Of course, it still centres around the wheel where the object of the game is to choose the number where the ball will land. With good multipliers for picking single numbers, it’s a fun game that can pay out as high as any other online casino game but offers very simple gameplay.

Online casinos are ever-increasing in popularity, if you intend to play a few games, be sure to set limits and take breaks often so you can continue to enjoy the fun and entertainment brought to you by the most popular online casino games.

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