What payment methods are safe for online casino sites

Online casinos like playUK.com provide their members with the option of betting virtual currency indefinitely, just to have fun. Most of their games have been optimized for mobile devices and can be enjoyed in demo format, with the play money replenished automatically by the casino. Sooner or later, players will like to enjoy the thrills of real money gambling and this is when they need to choose a payment method. It is essential to find casinos that offer a broad spectrum of banking options, but also to identify safe payment methods.

Credit and debit cards are reliable

Some of the most popular financial instruments used by punters to deposit and cash out winnings are credit and debit cards. These are widespread, easily accessible and convenient to use, not to mention that they share a bank account that players can easily access. Visa and MasterCard are the main suppliers of credit, debit and prepaid cards and there are accepted and virtually every online casino.

In most cases, the same cards can be used to deposit and cash out winnings, so there’s no need to rely on an alternative payment method. Some casinos will charge a small fee when players deposit or withdraw winnings in this manner, to cover their own costs. In most cases, such fees are not charged, so players get to keep all the money they make and use every dollar invested for gambling.

E-wallets are safe and secure

The main reason why many punters have shifted from credit and debit cards to ewallets is the enhanced speed and reliability. Financial instruments such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are accepted by most casinos and they guarantee instant deposits and faster withdrawals. Instead of having to wait three or more banking days to get your winnings, you can transfer funds out in less than 24 hours.

E- wallets have the online accounts linked to debit cards, issued by them or other financial institutions. This means that players can also use them to transfer funds to their friends and family, which is a big plus. In regard to security, they are absolutely safe, especially if you use one of the prominent e-wallets at respectable casinos. The only downside is that some operators will deny players the chance to claim welcome bonuses if they use any of these financial instruments.

Wire transfers are better for large amounts

The old-fashioned bank transfer is frowned upon by modern punters because it takes longer to complete transactions and it is sometimes more expensive. The fact that it is still around and used routinely by players from all over the world indicates the fact that it also has a few qualities. This way of depositing and cashing out winnings is preferred when handling large amounts, especially for progressive jackpots.

The reliability of the wire transfer is indissolubly linked to the credibility of the financial institution operating them. Players love this way of depositing funds, because they know they have recourse with the bank if the funds don’t reach their destination or if the casino treats them unfairly.