What should you do if you are a Victim of a Violent Crime?


Being the victim of a violent crime is something that few of us want to spend much time contemplating. It’s among the most unpleasant things that can happen to a person. Violent crime doesn’t have to cause an injury; to qualify as violent, the perpetrator just has to demonstrate a desire to harm you.

We all run the risk of being involved in a violent crime. Those of us who live in certain areas run a greater risk than others. These tend to be built-up urban areas where incomes are lower and opportunities are scarcer. So what should you do if you’ve fallen victim to a violent crime?

Call 999

If ever there’s an occasion to call the police, it’s after a violent crime. And a mugging qualifies as an emergency. The operator will stay on the line with you until help arrives, in the form of the police, and possibly an ambulance.

We have the police for a reason, and you should take advantage of them. It is their job to deal with these matters: to protect the innocent and apprehend the guilty. But they can’t solve a problem they’re not aware of. Thus, your immediate priority following an incident should be to notify the police – particularly if you’re still worried about your safety.

Get Home

Violent crime can occur in the home, but it can also occur while you’re out and about. In this instance, you will probably want to get home as quickly as possible. Enlist the aid of a helpful friend or family member, or see if the police can get you home.

Talk about it

Following a violent encounter, it’s quite normal to experience feelings of numbness, disbelief, and anger. You might blame yourself, or wonder what might have happened if you’d taken a slightly different route. While these feelings are all normal, many of them are destructive. You might find that you’re able to deal with them yourself – but professional help from an organisation like Victim Support, or a private counsellor, might be even more helpful.

Get Compensation

While most of us accept that victims of violent crime should be entitled to compensation, not all victims actually take the step and make a claim. Criminal injury solicitors are there to help you navigate the system, and receive the justice you’re entitled to. It isn’t about trying to squeeze cash from the situation; you’ll need the money to take any necessary days off work, and to take your mind off the stress of it all. In the UK, violent crime is much lower than it was a few decades ago – but that’s no consolation if you’re one of the unlucky few to have fallen victim.

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