What Should You Do if You Have Been Wrongfully Accused of Domestic Violence?


Being accused of domestic violence can hurt your criminal record forever. It’s a situation where you need to find a lawyer and a proper defense to domestic violence charges directed to you on purpose. Domestic violence accusations can lead to your arrest and detention in the local police department. They are more common than you think since intimate partners and parents might have rocky relations.

False allegations of domestic violence are hard to prove if you don’t follow the right sequence of actions after the initial claim. Today there are many legal defenses to oppose the fraudulent claims of your partners and even reverse the accusations as soon as you prove that there was no incident of domestic violence. Offenders usually are charged for assault and battery. Stalking or even breaching the restraining order prohibitions are considered domestic violence incidents. Let’s take a look at the actions you should take after being wrongfully accused of domestic violence.

1. Immediately Contact Your Lawyer

Even when you get arrested and brought to the police department, you always have the right to a phone call. The first person you need to inform about the domestic violence charges is your lawyer. Talking to the interrogation officers in the police department and giving a statement without having a legal consultation may be used against you in a court of law. That’s why staying silent and waiting for your lawyer to visit you and bail you out it’s the right thing to do when facing a false claim for domestic violence. Your lawyer is the only person that can analyze the situation and gather all the necessary evidence to show that you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence.

2. Get In Touch With Friends and Family

After calling your lawyer, it’s in your best interest to inform your closest friends and family about your situation. Domestic violence claims may affect your image to others, and you should be the one to explain the situation. Taking the initiative to inform your family environment gives you more chances to have a supportive audience that will help you through the domestic violence case.

3. Place Your Personal Items In A Secure Place

If your partner falsely accuses you of domestic violence, they might have malicious intent to steal your private property. It is necessary to have all your personal belongings secured since your partner may try to falsify evidence or liquidate some of your property and go away. Police may never know who is telling the truth in the first place, and women calling for help are regarded as a top priority for the law enforcement authorities without knowing about their potential fraudulent intent. Securing your personal items gives fewer chances to your partners to support their false allegations of assault and battery and blocks them from abusing your property.

4. Alter The Login Credentials To Shared Accounts

Many spouses and common-law married couples share common bank account credentials and social media login information. It is for your benefit to change them before you get arrested for domestic violence. Your accusing partner may always use these accounts to withdraw funds or upload posts on social media that make you look like a domestic violence offender.

5. Record Your Discussions and Interactions With The Accusing Partner

It’s important to have no formal or informal contact with your domestic violence accuser without the presence of your lawyer. However, if the accuser happens to meet you, it’s better to record all interactions and discussions. Every email or text message you send and receive from your accuser should be available to your lawyer to build your case and prove your innocence. Domestic violence accusers are most of the time afraid of your retaliation against them when you prove their false allegations in the courthouse. That’s why they will try to give you the final blow before the trial and inflate the importance of certain incidents to prove your guilt for domestic violence. It’s better to be prepared and ask for legal advice before contacting your domestic violence accusers, to minimize the chance of getting into a trap.

Domestic violence accusations can cost your freedom, job, and family. When they are fraudulent, your accuser has the burden of proof in the court of law, which is a hard thing to achieve. Therefore, it would be prudent to hire an experienced lawyer in domestic violence cases, to oppose all the false allegations and set you free.


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