What Should You Do When the Commercial Door Lock is Broken


In order to keep your business, company partners, and customers safe, you should ensure that the locks of your company are working properly. When you face the problems of commercial door locks, you need know how to solve them quickly and efficiently.

How to Open the Commercial Lock

When you start to repair the commercial door lock, you need make sure that the door can be opened in advance. Otherwise, the broken door locks make the door won’t close. It is time to fix the door lock. The problem will be solved well. On the other hand, the broken door locks lead to the business lockout, which blocks the process of work.

For instance, you can not use the normal key to open the broken door lock smoothly. So, you have to find other methods to pick the office door lock. There are different kinds of commercial locks all over the world. You can open them with bypasses that avoid interacting with broken keyways. When you find that the lock is too secure and completely broken, you have to open the lock by drilling, or replace it with a new lock.

You can also ask locksmiths for help in order to open the door for further repair. Locksmiths often judge the condition of locks in advance and decide to repair it or replace a new one.

Diagnose the Condition of the Door Lock

To solve the problem of commercial door lock, the first thing to do is to diagnose it accurately. Otherwise, it is meaningless to do it. If you are not familiar with basic lock mechanics, it will be a difficult job for you. Especially the complex mechanics of the commercial lock.

Commercial door locks are not easy to fix. When you meet the electronic locks, the electrical systems should be done with the help of professional locksmiths. For instance, fingerprint door locks, the scanners and touch screens are not connected well with each other. So, there may be software problems or energy interruptions in these kinds of door locks.

On the other hand, you can only adjust the door strike plate to fix the door lock, this is not related to the quality of door lock. It may be caused by the operator error. So, it is important for you to find out the issue of the lock at first.

How to Repair the Commercial Door Lock

When you decide to repair the commercial door lock, you should ensure that it is the process of fixing the broken door lock instead of replacing a new one. You can do it by using a door lock lubricant or replacing some internal components.

Due to the use of lubricant, you can clear out the debris or rust in the lock. After deeply cleaning the lock, you can take actions to pick it with lock pick sets. You can also replace the broken parts with the new components.

You should remember that you had better avoid the replacement of mortise lock. Because it is easy to repair this kind of commercial locks. For example, the cylinder, swap latches, change springs.

If you can repair the lock rather than replace it, you will save a lot of money and time. In addition, you can also buy useful lock picking tools to solve the problem by yourself. For some simple commercial locks, they are easy to open with right tools. Replace all of the commercial locks in the company will cost you a lot of money instead, which can be used to ask for some professional locksmiths for help. That’s a good idea for company owner.


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