What Should You Not Wear When Riding a Motorcycle?


Many people like to discuss what should be worn when riding a motorcycle. However, it is even more important for motorcycle riders to know what they should not wear when riding a motorcycle. There are several things that must not be worn to keep a rider safe.


Certain merchandise and clothing can be unsafe to wear when riding a motorcycle. Some of these items are things people mistakenly believe are safe, and others are items people don’t realize could cause them problems. There are many common items a motorcyclist should think about not wearing when riding.


Helmets are an important part of safety gear. There are certain things to avoid when choosing what type of helmet to use when riding.

*Used Helmet – Helmets are expensive, but a rider should never purchase a secondhand motorcycle helmet. There is no way to know how the helmet has been handled. Expiration dates or heavy collisions are things that could significantly decrease the safety of a secondhand helmet. It could result in riding with unsafe head protection.

*Half Helmets – They are designed to only cover the top portion of a motorcycle rider’s head. Some people like them because they make it easier to hear and provide minimal visual obstruction. Studies have shown the chin area is the most likely place to collide with something when an accident happens. Half helmets provide no safety in these situations.

*Novelty Helmets – When a motorcycle rider chooses a helmet, they need to make certain it has been approved for use by the Department of Transportation (DOT). A novelty helmet may be fun to wear, but it will probably not provide sufficient safety if an accident occurs.

Shorts and Sandals

There are certain types of attire necessary for a motorcycle rider to have a safe ride. Shorts and sandals are both firmly on the list of items that should be avoided. These items leave a rider’s skin completely exposed and provide no protection.


This will depend on the type of scarf a person wears when riding their motorcycle. Regular scarves are something that should always be avoided. If the scarf trails behind when riding, it could catch on something and yank a driver back. They also have a habit of coming undone in the fast wind. If it falls off, it could hit another vehicle’s windshield and cause an accident. It’s then possible a motorcycle rider could be held responsible.

The only scarf that should be considered is one with its ends sewn together. They can be used to keep a motorcycle rider’s neck warm in cold weather.

Loose Clothing

It is common for a motorcyclist to wear clothing that appears to be tight. These are things such as synthetic materials and leather. Tighter clothing is safer to wear than loose clothing. It is common for a motorcycle rider to be distracted when they wear loose clothing. This distraction could cause them to make a mistake that may result in an accident.


It’s important to realize that wearing headphones while operating a vehicle is never a good idea. If someone is listening to podcasts or music while on the road and can’t hear what is going on around them, they are being extremely unsafe. Important sounds, like an emergency vehicle siren, as well as vehicles that are getting too close, may not be heard by a motorcyclist wearing headphones when riding.

There is always a lot of debate about what someone should wear when they ride their motorcycle. However, the safety of riding a motorcycle extends far beyond clothing. These vehicles come with many risks, and if a rider is hurt as a result of the actions of others, they should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer. These legal professionals will use their years of experience to help the victim of a motorcycle accident obtain fair compensation.

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