What Size is Best for Your Baby?


Finding the perfect size for your baby’s clothes is tougher than finding the perfect size outfit for yourself!

Babies usually need the most comfortable size so they can relax in their slumber and sleep peacefully. On the other hand, the wrong size of clothes can cause a lot of discomforts too. This can make your baby turn into a total crying mess. Thus, turning your house upside-down too!

So, this blog will help you find the best size of clothes for your baby.

How to Find Baby Clothes That Fit Comfortably?

There are certain considerations you need to make in order to find clothes that can fit your baby perfectly well:

1. Consider Going Up-Size

Whenever you are finding clothes for your baby, you may want to go one size up. Trust us when we say this, but your baby is going to grow up real fast! One day they look like a small potato and on the other, they look all grown up!

Hence, whenever you buy new clothes for your baby, avoid going for the exact sizes. Your baby might feel irritated due to the tightness of the clothes. So, choosing loose clothes can make your baby feel comfortable!

2. Don’t Always Go For a Standard Size

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is that they go for a standard size in baby clothes.

Keep in mind that every brand’s fit might be different than the other.  For instance, baby clothes sizes from Mon Coeur may differ.

So, make sure that you always take a look at clothes that fit your baby comfortably, then accordingly, go for the respective sizes of other brands.

What Is the Suitable Size for Your Baby’s Clothing?

A lot of brands add the age of the baby to the price tag. Some other brands also add their height and weight, which is really helpful. However, every baby grows at a different rate than others.

So, if your baby is less than 3 months old, it is highly advisable to buy a one-piece suit that can be extended and become larger as they grow up. Some suits can even be extended to a very large size so that your baby can wear them after 3 months.

For toddlers, it is a whole different challenge. Toddlers tend to learn to move around and also use their potty. That’s why you need larger clothes that can be practical and not too tight. Too tight clothes will make them not feel comfortable and will also limit their freedom to move around.

On the other hand, you should not buy clothes that are too loose. It will make them trip over and fall. So, you need to measure their height and weight properly to get the right fit for them.

For older kids, you can use a kid clothes size chart to help you out. They tell you the right size for your kid depending on their age, height, and weight. They are available everywhere online and they are really helpful.

Tips for Finding the Right Size for Your Kid

  1. Avoid synthetic materials, they can irritate your kid’s skin and they can shrink after washing them and become smaller in size. Instead, go for cotton or good recycled fibers.
  2. T-shirts are not the best fit for babies. They hate when their heads get stuck inside of them when you dress them up. Instead, go for shirts or t-shirts that have a wide neck that can pass their heads through it easily.
  3. If you are gifting clothes to your friend’s kid, try to pick a larger size. This will ensure that you get a nice fit for them that will make them feel comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right fit for your child might seem like a difficult task. But with understanding the basics of measuring their size, you will find it a lot easier.

So, check out our guide to help you out find the right fit for your kid easily!


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