What Student Part-Timers Should Know Before Taking a Job


Student life can be difficult, especially since more often than not, students depend on their parents, guardians, or sponsors for their fees, upkeep, and other financial obligations. This is the main reason why many students end up seeking part-time employment while still in school. And as a student, nothing beats the feeling of pocketing a certain amount of money every week or month, knowing that it’s the fruits of your labor. All around the globe, scholars take up different kinds of jobs that they work on a part-time basis, online or on-site, some of which may not necessarily be related to their area of study.

It goes without saying that working part-time can have a myriad of benefits for you now and after you finish your studies. But this is not all there is to think about. As a student who’s made tons of applications and finally gotten a job offer, it can be tempting to sign on the dotted lines without making certain considerations. To keep you in the limelight, here are some things student part-timers should know before taking a job.

Your Rights Should Be Protected

While your benefits may be limited, it doesn’t mean that your rights should be infringed on. In the US and many other places, for instance, the law requires every employer to ensure workplace safety at all times. In case you’re injured at the workplace due to negligence or unsafe working conditions/environment, you deserve compensation for your pain, suffering, lost income, and other financial losses you might have incurred as a result of the injury. Kaplan Lawyers’ Ashley Corby, one of the seasoned workers’ comp lawyers in NYC recommends ensuring that an employer carries workers’ compensation insurance before taking the job. This way, you’re sure that you’ll be entitled to compensation in case you get injured in a workplace accident.

Your Benefits May Be Limited

Amid all the perks that come with part-time employment, it also comes with a fair share of cons and limitations depending on the organization you’re working for. This is especially the case when it comes to employee benefits. In many places, for instance, part-time workers are usually not provided with benefits like health insurance, holiday pay, and sick leave. Also, you only get paid for the days you’ve worked or the amount of work you’ve completed. This could leave you in a tough position when you suddenly fall ill or feel you could use a break from work. Part-timers are also at the receiving end in case of a layoff, and promotions are mostly news to them.

A Job in Your Line of Study Is Better

Before taking a part-time job, it’s important to consider how it will help boost your career life after completing your studies. And to be honest, desperation can kick in when on a job-search as a student, and you could easily end up as a part-time waitress or cook while studying engineering. But if you happen to have several options to pick from, a part-time job that’s in line with your area of study will be a valuable addition to your Resume.

Juggling between work and study can be fun, especially if you’re still young and energetic, perhaps yet to start a family. As long you’re a good time manager and you’re well-organized, you can even take up more than one part-time job. You can work on holidays as well as regular times when your school schedule is not so tight. Some employers even give you the liberty to work remotely from home or your dorm room. With the above pointers in mind, it becomes more enjoyable for you as a student part-timer.

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