What Tarot Card Am I? The Best Card for Every Sign in the Zodiac

Are you a stranger to yourself?

Life’s confusing on its own, but it gets more complicated when you don’t know your potential. Luckily, by combining the 2 ancient practices of astrology and tarot cards, you can get an inside glimpse of who you truly are.

Are you a strong Leo, destined to pave your way to success? Do you have the deep insight of an Aquarius, looking to always honor life’s intentions?

If you’re ready to discover the mysteries hidden deep within your soul, we can help. Read on to find out the answers you’re looking for if you’ve ever wondered “what tarot card am I?”.

What Tarot Card Am I?

To answer the question, “what tarot card am I?”, it helps to understand the astrological connections. Tarot and astrology pair perfectly together.

Both tarot and astrology have roots that date back to ancient times. However, the version of tarot your use today doesn’t reflect its original creation.

During the Renaissance period, tarot card readings changed to be what they are today. While, astrology, has been a system that’s barely changed.

When you combine the original version of your tarot horoscope with the age-old practice of astrology, you’re able to uncover amazing things.

Aries the Emperor and the King of Wands

The tarot cards for Aries are the Emperor and the King of Wands.

The Emperor represents authority. While the astrological sign Aries represents fire. Aries holds the place for the first astrological placement, giving it the first spark aflame. The second tarot card is the king of wands.

The King Of Wands is the first card that belongs to the fire group of tarot cards. If you’re an Aries, your story is one of unreasonable power.

Aries can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Considering how powerful Aries can be, it makes sense that both big-name celebrities Lady Gaga and Kourtney Kardashian fall under this sign.

Taurus the Hierophant and the King of Pentacles

The tarot cards for Taurus are the Hierophant and the King Of Pentacles. The Hierophant represents caution and purpose.

The Taurus is infamous for being a bit stubborn. Together, they tell a story of someone who values being direct, yet careful.

The King Of Pentacles is the first card of the earth elemental group for tarot. Taurus is the first earth elemental group for astrological signs. When you take everything into account, you begin to unveil a well-grounded personality.

Gemini the Lovers and the King of Swords

The first card for Geminis is the lover’s card. This card represents duality. Similar to how opposites attract, Geminis deal with dueling points of view.

Since Gemini is the zodiac sign of the twins, it makes sense that it would show up with the card that represents two people. The second card is the King of swords to represent the air elements. It makes sense that the King of swords would go along with Gemini since Gemini is the first of the air astrological signs.

Cancer the Chariot and the King of Cups

The first card that Cancer is the Chariot. The Chariot symbolizes growing and moving forward. The Chariot also stands for the ability to have good insight as well as high emotional intelligence. When you combine the King Of Cups with the Chariot, they represent powerful growth.

Leo Strength and the Queen of Wands

The first card for Leo’s is the Strength card. Strength is the perfect card to describe the lion-like fierceness a Leo can have. On the front of the Strength card, there’s even a picture of a lion.

The sign of Leo is a sign that belongs to the virtue of quality. This means Leo’s are quality people, and they’re stronger than most people you know. The Queen Of Wands belongs to the elemental group of fire since Leo is also associated with powerful fire signs.

Virgo Libra and Scorpio

Virgos, Libras, and Scorpios all have something in common when it comes to tarot cards. Each astrological sign carries with it a tarot card that relates to a queen.

For Virgo, it’s the Queen Of Pentacles, representing the second earth elemental group. Libra as the Queen Of Swords to represent its connection to the air elemental group. Lastly, Scorpio as the Queen Of Cups to pair with its water elements.

If you’re a Virgo, Libra, or Scorpio, you associate closely with the element you represent. You’re either grounded, in the earth, wandering with air, or living abundantly with water.

Sagittarius Temperance and the Page of Bonds

The first card for Sagittarius is the card of Temperance. This card represents balance and moving toward self-actualization.

The astrological sign of Sagittarius works well with this theme of keeping things in order. Both temperance and Sagittarius care about learning ways to respect their environment.

Capricorn the Devil and the Page of Pentacles

The first card for Capricorn is the Devil card. Don’t worry though, the Devil card doesn’t mean what you probably think it does.

Instead, the Devil card represents desires and striving for fulfillment. Capricorn and the Devil card work well together because both care about satisfying their drives. Your second card is the Page Of Pentacles, tying the Capricorn to their earth sign.

Aquarius the Star in the Page of Swords

The star card is the first tarot card that represents Aquarius. On the star card, you see the symbol of water pouring from a large vessel into a larger body of water. This is because both Aquarius and the Star card are water bearers.

Both Aquarius and the Star card are also connected to the theme of being yourself. Aquarius carries with them a unique ability to stand apart from the crowd while also going with the flow.

Pisces the Moon and the Page of Cups

The first card for Pisces is the Moon card. Both the Moon card and Pisces represent some of life’s biggest dreams. The mystery of the skies, or the deepest part of the ocean, these are the kind of dreams that Pisces care about. Next, the Page Of Cups ties the Pisces to their water elemental group.

Explore Your Story

Now you know the answer to the question, “what tarot card am I?”. Understanding your sign, and the role it plays can help you gain insight into your life’s story.

Combing the myths and mysteries of ancient systems, astrology, and tarot cards, are wiser than we may ever know. For more ways to learn about some of life’s greatest mysteries, check out the rest of the site.