What the Future of Travel Looks Like


A year after the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans are thinking of traveling again.

And who can blame these people? The first quarter of 2020 had barely begun when the pandemic turned the world upside down, resulting in seesawing infection rates, ever-changing (and adjusting) lockdown restrictions, cabin fever, and general fatigue.

As more and more people get their vaccination shots, it looks like tourism is finally starting to gain traction again, with many deciding to fly away for a bit and go on their long-delayed vacations. That being said, one thing is sure, however: traveling will never be the same again.

The Future of Travel

When the pandemic hit last year, the travel industry was significantly affected, with travel bans affecting all of its branches. In fact, data by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development stated that global tourism would lose about $1.2 trillion because of the pandemic.

Luckily, it looks like just a year after the initial lockdowns, the market downturn is once again picking up, and air travel is starting to surge again. But what will the future of travel look like? Here’s what experts are expecting:

Major Tourist Hotspots Will Be Less Crowded

Per experts, major tourist spots won’t be as crowded as before, especially with people being wary of being in close contact with strangers. Furthermore, some of these spots may also adjust to this demand. For example, a tourist spot may only let a certain number of people in at a time to avoid crowding.

Masks are Here to Stay

Despite several effective vaccines being handed to people from all over, face masks still work, which means that these are more likely the accessory that will stay with us long after the crisis is over. This may even carry on for a couple more years, as people continue to take small extra precautions to stay safe while interacting with the outside world.

The Adoption of Cryptocurrency as a Payment Option

The pandemic has proved that going cashless is the way of the future, something that cryptocurrency will benefit from. With people going cashless in order to stay safe from the coronavirus and the cryptocurrency market steadily growing by the day as more and more companies and markets take an interest, there is a high likelihood that the digital currencies will soon find their way into more people’s travel transactions.

International Travel May Become More Pricey

As the travel industry continues to adjust with what is considered the “new normal,” less frequent international flights means that prices for air travel and accommodations might go up. Additionally, this might also mean that flights will be filled to capacity, making it more cost-effective.

We’ll Continue Exploring Our Neighborhoods

2021 saw the rise of “staycations,” and it’s likely that this won’t change anytime soon. Even with air travel slowly getting traction again, discovering our backyards and neighborhoods is likely here to stay, especially for folks that want to save on costly travel expenses.


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