What to Consider Before Giving CBD to Your Dog?

Finding the ideal CBD oil dosage for your dog can be challenging, particularly for pet owners just beginning to use CBD for animals.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a substance in Hemp that may assist your dog by lowering anxiety, relieving arthritis pain, and preventing seizures.

There is less knowledge regarding how CBD might impact dogs over the long term, despite research suggesting that it is safe for dogs and has relatively minimal adverse effects.

Here are the most important things to consider if you want to provide CBD treats to your dog.

1. Consumption Method

The kind of product you use and the brand you choose are two aspects that affect how much CBD you will feed your dog.

There are four primary types of CBD products for dogs:

  • CBD and Hemp oil
  • Capsules
  • Topical rubs
  • Treats (edibles)

The highest bioavailability is provided by CBD and hemp oils, which are by far the best choice for dogs. It implies that less CBD is required to achieve the desired benefits.

Although not all dogs will enjoy the distinctive flavor of CBD oil, CBD dog treats might work in that situation.

They will not only taste better—think of flavors like Roasted Duck or Chicken & Bacon—but they will also have a predetermined CBD dosage.

In this manner, you may precisely control the dosage of CBD you give your dog.

Tip: Capsules offer a higher fixed dose and are more predictable in the strength of their effects, which is one of their advantages.

2. Your Pet’s Size

It’s no mystery that the CBD dosage could differ based on your dog’s size. But how can you decide on the right dosage?

As a general rule, larger dogs require more CBD to have an impact than smaller puppies. Some companies offer dosing guidelines based on your dog’s weight. Dosing is now simpler as a result of this.

For particular dosage recommendations based on the size of your dog, continue reading.

Weight Dosage
4-10 lbs .5 ml
10-25 lbs 1.0 ml
25-50 lbs 1.5 ml
50-100 lbs 2.0 ml
Above 100 lbs 2.5 + ml

3. The Severity of Your Dog’s Condition

Finally, remember that the state of your dog may also influence how much CBD you should give them.

The higher the dose they’ll probably need to get comfortable, the more severe the condition.

Low amounts of CBD oil will typically be sufficient for supplementing your dog. Still, if your dog suffers from anxiety or joint discomfort, you’ll need to raise the dosage and monitor the results until you find the right amount.

Guidelines for Giving Your Dog CBD

1. Give your dog CBD along with breakfast or dinner.

To maximize absorption, CBD should be administered around lunchtime since it is better absorbed when taken with food.

2. Products labeled “full-spectrum hemp” may be more effective.

Hemp high in CBD is likely preferable to CBD on its own. You might need less CBD overall in the mixture to get a therapeutic impact if you give the complete hemp extract.

3. Always get CBD products made specifically for dogs.

Do your dog a favor, and don’t give them any of your CBD treats if you’re a CBD aficionado. Some ingredients in human products, such as xylitol or caffeine, can be dangerous to your pet.

4. Follow the Dosage on the Label.

Your dog’s weight will determine the appropriate dose of CBD; larger dogs typically require greater doses to have an impact. However, the precise dosages that are most effective for each medical condition are still being determined.


Remember that the above recommendations are general and shouldn’t be interpreted as medical advice.

As long as you experiment properly and stay within the parameters outlined in the dose tables above, your dog should be fine while using CBD in various dosages.