What to Consider Before Selling a House in Virginia


Undoubtedly, you come here while thinking of one question. “What should I consider to sell my house fast in Virginia?” As your home is an investment, you surely want to have higher revenue than your expense cost.

Now here’s the thing, putting up a house in the listing is not the end. There are several steps that will come after it. If you want to avoid being compromised, you need to act according to your plan. This plan should include the considerations that you listed prior to selling your home.

Preventing something to slip out of your hands is always the best preparation. In this case, we offer you what to think through before the sale.

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Selling Your House in Virginia

1. Choosing a Real Estate Agent

If you want to lessen your stress of dealing with paperwork, looking for a realtor is the solution. You should do a background check first to assure that you could trust them. Make sure that they have experience or education about real estate. Their commitment and rapport should be looked into as well. After all, you need to work with a reliable person.

Nevertheless, you could always look into 8 Day Home Sale that offers hassle-free sales with paying high realtor commissions.

2. Listing Agreement

When signing a listing agreement, there are factors that you need to think through. In context the agreement is giving the agent permission to handle your property sale.  First is the commission of your realtor. In being able to work things for both of you, your agent should be satisfied with the reward after selling your home.

Other factors that you need to consider are:

  • What kind of listing do you want?
  • How long will the listing agreement be valid?
  • What are the things you will bring once you move out?; and more

3. The Best time to Sell a House in Virginia

Actually, you can sell your house at any time. But if you want the best result, you might consider listing it in the month in which the most demand is recorded. In the case of Virginia, June is the most profitable with a median sale of approximately $370,000.

But if you want to sell your house fast, May is the best option. According to listwithclever.com, selling a house during May is 12 days ahead than other months.

4. Cost of Selling your House

Selecting the price of your house is not entirely at your hands. Whether your home holds a personal value for you, it should be in line with the standards. Of course, you don’t want it to be overpriced or underpriced. With the help of your agent, you can seek help from the National Association of Realtors.

Most of the time, your real agent will recommend a price that is compared with other sold houses in the same area of your home. To ace a high pricing, you must consider repairing damages, keeping it clean, and adding renovations.

5. Learning about Escrow Process

If it’s your first time selling a house, then you might not be familiar with escrow. Thus, to make the process faster, learn it prior to the sale. Commonly, if a buyer puts up a purchase offer, the deposit will be held in escrow.

Escrow is the period that ensures that closing on the house will be on time. This is usually handled by an escrow agent that will validate that every condition was met by both buyer and seller. The process includes title vesting where you are the rightful owner of the house until the transaction is closed. In any chance an issue arose during escrow, a negotiation will be held again.

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