What to Consider Before Trying New Health Trends

Health is a common topic these days, and there are always new health trends circulating the internet. These health trends usually have in common: they promise to improve your life, whether your physical appearance, diet, lifestyle changes, or mental and emotional well-being. Many movements, like the benefits of red light therapy, are making health more accessible to everyone. But before you dive into the new health trend, there are a few things you should consider before spending your money or changing your lifestyle because not all health trends are healthy. Here are five things to consider and how to spot a fad diet.

Is the Health Trend Holistic?

The term holistic is often used, but the word’s true meaning is looking at one’s whole wellness versus one aspect. If a new health trend only focuses on one part of your health, let’s say physical, but neglects things like sleeping or eating enough, then it may not be the best choice. For example, many diet plans call for people to eat way under the caloric intake of an average adult, and while you may lose weight, you will be left feeling sluggish, lethargic and ultimately do more harm than good.  On the other hand, another trend may say you can eat whatever and as much as you want but require you to work out excessively, leading to burnout, injury, or weight gain if you do not burn off the calories. Both of these could also cause a bad relationship around food which could start a cycle of yoyo dieting.

Can I Easily Fit it Into my Lifestyle?

Whenever you are starting a new habit, no matter what area of your life, it needs to be easily added in and easily maintainable. For example, if you know you would instead work out at night, maybe a plan asking you to wake up at five in the morning is not the best for you. Everybody has things in their lives like work and school, and if the new trend has you stressed about eating at weird times, working out excessively, or changing up your diet a lot, it may not be worth it. Many diets are very restrictive and ask you to cut out your favorite foods or even a whole food group such as carbs. This is not necessary to lose weight, and cutting out an entire food group is not beneficial to your health. A healthy plan is not restrictive but will still allow you to enjoy your favorite foods or Wellbutrin and alcohol in moderation.  If a new habit cannot be easily added or maintained, you will likely not stick to it. When things feel too challenging or too overwhelming, many people will become frustrated with it, and it will eventually fizzle out. Any new habit will take some adjusting, but it should be doable.

Can I Afford It?

Many people will think of getting a new gym membership, new workout or Hope Health supplements, a trainer, or a health coach when they feel healthier, but one or even a few of these things could add up. Usually, when a new trend hits the scene, a new product is being pushed to help with weight loss, bloating, bulking, or protein powder benefits. However, there are sometimes hidden fees, membership fees, monthly recurrences, or monthly minimums on products to keep membership. It is good to calculate all of this ahead of time and see if it is easily budgeted in. When you sign up for a gym, you expect to pay that monthly, but you should calculate that to make sure that you can afford it in the long term to pick a cheaper gym or choose free at-home workouts instead. The last thing you want is to invest in a program or products you love and then realize you can no longer afford them and be left feeling discouraged and going back to bad habits.

Are Deviations Allowed?

As you look at a new health trend, are they advertising a certain number of days following a rigorous program that is unforgiving and will leave you feeling guilty if you have a cheat meal or skip a day or exercise? Every person is different with different bodies, needs, lifestyle factors, and health conditions, meaning people need a program they can modify to fit their needs precisely. If you are doing an exercise program, it should also add to other areas of your health, like mental or emotional. Anything you add to your daily life should add value and make you feel more whole and happy overall. If you are ending every day feeling guilty or defeated, then it may be time to reevaluate.

How Does it Make You Feel 

Once you decide if the health trend is worth doing, and you begin, start assessing how it makes you feel mental, physically, and emotionally?

  • How are you sleeping?
  • How are your energy levels?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you feeling more irritable?
  • Do you feel satisfied, or are you always starving?

These few simple questions will give you a good look into how you are affected by whatever new health trend you are starting.

Recognizing a Fad Diet 

As new health trends come and go, there will always be fad diets to look out for. Are the claims too good to be soon, or are they promising you will lose insane amounts of weight in a short period? It may be a fad diet.


Everyone wants an easy fix, so if the plan is to take a pill and the pounds will melt off, it is probably a fad diet.

The Fear of Being Left Out

When a new trend hits social media and people are having “amazing results,” you may be excited to try something new for the sake of not missing out and seeing if you too can get great results. However, try to remember social media is not accurate, and no matter what the plan is, results will always vary.

Confirmation Bias

Many may google a particular fad diet to see what others are saying about it, and even if there are several bad reviews, there will always be that one good one. That one review will confirm what someone wanted to hear, and therefore they will ignore the examples of why to avoid it. We like when our views and beliefs are validated.

Choosing the Best Health Trend for You

Now that you know some things to look out for next time the hottest health trend rolls around, you can make an informed decision if it will be beneficial or detrimental. When choosing to add things to your life to be healthier, it is always good to be intelligent. Choose something small, make it personal, make it something you enjoy, give yourself grace, and watch it positively impact all areas of your life. Maybe for you, that looks like trying a new sustainable skincare line like  One Ocean Beauty, adding some raw juices to your diet,  or trying CBD tincture for the first time. Whatever it is, make it enjoyable and on the path to a healthier you.