What to do while you have back pain


The greatest risks for the back lurk in everyday life. An unhealthy sitting position in the office, lack of exercise during leisure time or incorrect loads and stress are among the most common reasons for tension in the back area. And these are responsible for 90 percent of all back pain. The following tips can prevent discomfort and relieve tension-related pain.

1. Get rid of excess weight

Every superfluous kilo on the stomach pulls the spine into the hollow back and can thus cause incorrect strain. But if you want to lose weight successfully, you need the right attitude, as researchers have shown. During their study, those study participants lost the most weight who expected it. Believing in the success of a change in diet makes you lose weight.

2. Heat relieves tension

The beneficial and effective effects of warmth on back pain and tension have been known for centuries. But what exactly does heat therapy do? Heat therapy with active ingredients that promote blood circulation works as follows: Warmth stimulates the blood circulation, accelerates the metabolism and widens the blood vessels. In this way, hardened, overworked and tyocreasing heat helps the tense, painful area to help itself and back pain subsides.

3. Keep moving even while sitting

When sitting for hours at work is the norm, your back has to fight. But even in the office, the muscles can be effectively relieved. Tip for this: change your sitting position as often as possible and loll around in the seat. It helps even better to get up briefly every 30 minutes and take a few steps. A medical seat cushion (e.g. from the pharmacy) is also a good tip for preventing back pain. It is made of rubber, is filled with air, is very flexible and thus ensures that the spine remains active even during office work. When you are sitting in a room, you can use the Massage Recliner Chair. You can find this chair.

  • Full body custom massage: reclining gentle shower has 2 levels of massage intensity, 5 massage modes and heating option. In total 8 vibratory massage nodes and make sure that the different levels of vibration intensity offer you maximum relaxation and comfort for your back, lumbar, things and legs.
  • Integrated heating function: a heating function in the waist area warms and relaxes the body from aches and pains as you sit and recline, which means that it is not only relaxing, but also beneficial for your general well-being. Toggled mode the heat can be turned on or off and massage treatment is used to improve blood circulation for a more effective to help with muscle recovery.
  • Multiple stages of recliner: with manual pullback control (only on the armrest), you can have multilevel recline options, choose the most comfortable way to sit and enjoy the recliner massage.•25-minute automatic safety shut-off function: The massage mat is equipped with an automatic shut-off function that will turn off the cushion unit after 25 minutes of continuous use to ensure your safety.
  • EASY TO USE WITH HAND CONTROL: Includes a handy attached to customize massage functions on your own remote control for selection and convenience, plus a side pocket to keep and other small items. They come with a detailed user manual, easy to assemble.

4. If the smartphone is to blame

Is your neck tense? Then maybe the mobile phone is behind it. Because when looking at the screen, the head is often lowered. A posture that can be very strenuous for the neck muscles in the long run and can trigger tension. The pain often radiates into the arms or head. Such back pain can be avoided with a simple trick: bring the mobile device closer to the face and only lower the eyes instead of the neck.

5. Back exercises for the home

Even short training units are enough to relieve tension in the back and effectively prevent complaints. Which exercises are best suited for this is stated here? Sometimes an imbalance between muscle groups in the stomach and back area is the cause of the complaints. Then a physiotherapist can work out a training plan that can be used to specifically compensate for this.

6. Time out for the spine

The lumbar spine, in particular, is difficult to carry in everyday life. This can be relieved with a simple exercise .To do this, lay flat on your back and raise your lower legs at a right angle on a chair. The intervertebral discs absorb fluid for their buffer function and become more resilient again. At the same time, back pain usually subsides during the short, relaxing break. Tip: Relax in this position for one minute three times a day.  If everything else fails, you can consider taking a professional insight and connect with with a reputed spine specialist like Central NJ Spine.

7. Break the spiral of pain with medication

Many people turn to over-the-counter pain relievers when they have back problems. However, these can only alleviate the symptoms, not the cause of the symptoms. Because of possible side effects, pain relievers should only be used for a short time and in the lowest possible dose. Those products can effectively relieve tension and muscle and joint complaints (e.g. back pain) with deep-penetrating heat. They are available in three heat levels: CPD heat cream contains natural capsaicin from cayenne pepper. It warms the tissue, which loosens hardened muscles. Warming cream DUO promotes blood circulation in the skin in the case of muscle and joint problems and thus relieves back pain.

8. Neck massage for in between

If the neck becomes tense and sore, a short massage will help. To do this, gently stroke and knead the neck with circular movements. This has the effect of increasing blood flow. In addition, there are often “trigger points” in these areas, small cramped areas that can trigger pain (e.g. in the head). The pressure of the fingertips can remove them.

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