What to Expect During Your First Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a very difficult time. There is so much excitement towards the end goal, but the journey along the way is filled with struggles and suffering. Sometimes the pain might be intense, and other times you might crave some of your favorite foods. While these things might be unique to the individual, certain things are normal to experience during the pregnancy. While they might be tedious, know that they will pass and that it is worth the nine months. It is important to note as well that each trimester brings about different needs and concerns with your body and the baby as well. This trimester lasts from week 1 to week 12. Here is what you can expect during your first trimester of pregnancy.

Changes to Your Body

While a baby is growing inside of you, your body will make a large amount of changes to accommodate it and help it to grow. Some of the most common things that you can expect during this time is morning sickness. Although the name implies morning, it can strike at any point, day or night and cause vomiting on a moment’s notice. If you notice you are throwing up a lot and getting severely dehydrated, you might want to consider going into a doctor to check up on you. Another major thing to expect during pregnancy is having tender breasts. This is because they are getting ready to provide milk to your newborn. Mood swings also occur during this time, so let your loved ones know.

While these are standard changes to your body, there are also major concerns that could happen. Things such as heavy vaginal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, and a high fever, are things that you should get checked out immediately. You can visit one of many family doctor clinics to get a checkup and make sure that everything is alright. The last thing you want is to lose the baby, and by visiting the doctor, they can ensure that the baby is healthy and growing safely. If there are any complications to the pregnancy as well, they will be able to notice them right away and come up with a plan for it. Expect plenty of changes to your own body during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Growth of the Baby

As you are pregnant, it only makes sense that during this trimester the baby will begin to grow. The baby starts to grow its limbs around week 6, getting fully formed fingers and toes by week 10. The baby also starts to grow its hair and its nails. The two most important parts of the body, the brain and the heart, are formed during this trimester and will begin to work.

The brain will begin to move the baby’s developing limbs, and the heart will begin to beat stronger and stronger with each passing week providing the baby with nutrients and blood. An interesting point to note is that your baby begins to develop a sense of taste by week 8. After this, the baby begins to form taste pores which it can use to taste the amniotic fluid in the uterus. This fluid tastes like the last meal you ate, so ensure that you are eating healthy and providing the baby with good tasting nutrients. Finally, the baby develops its digestive system as well, along with developing eyesight and a sense of touch. With so many things beginning to grow in the first trimester, you must take good care of your own body to ensure a healthy growth.

Growth of the Baby

Weight Gain

Gaining weight is natural during pregnancy as you begin to collect food and nutrients for two people. One of the common misconceptions however is that you start putting on a large amount of weight instantly. This typically does not happen till the second trimester, however that is not to say that you will not gain any weight in the first trimester. On average, women have reported that they gain around 3-4 pounds during these weeks. The baby is still very small at this time meaning it does not need a large amount of calories. Expect yourself to gain a few pounds during this trimester, but nothing too severe.

The first trimester is extremely important for your baby as it is during this time when the baby starts to form essential organs needed to survive. You will be introduced to some negative symptoms of pregnancy, however, understand that they will pass and better times will come. If anything gets unbearable, don’t be afraid to go to your doctor ahead of schedule to get checked up on. Before you know it, you will have your own beautiful baby in this world.