What To Expect From A House Manager


We often hear the term house manager . But, ever wondered what that means? In 1981, Mary Louise Starkey of the Starkey International Institute coined this term.

Even today, the role is associated with the overall management of the house. This includes deciding the meal plan, entertainment factors, overall maintenance, and much more. A lot is expected from a house manager; the following points below are a few to name.

Variation is duty

The duty of a house manager varies from one place to another. It greatly depends on the size of the house, the frequency of the owners visiting the home, and the number of family members and, of course, the frequency of guest visits.

In a large staffed home, the typical task of the manager is to supervise the other employees and private-staff and to train them to perform better. In that light, a house manager imparts technical knowledge in the area of cleaning, food, entertainment, and such.

The work of administration

In houses that have a lot of service personnel, managing them becomes a challenge. While each department has a senior to whom the juniors reports, one still requires an individual who is going to be at the helm of the affair. This is usually the manager.

While the house cleaners, chefs, technicians, and other personnel in the house do their daily jobs, they usually report to the person in charge of all the affairs about their daily work and activities.

Property maintenance

In addition to training the staff and personnel in the house, the manager also establishes a liaison with third-party contractors. Many times, contractors are appointed to paint the interior or exterior, take up plumbing work, and more. In such cases, it’s the manager who is supposed to supervise their work and get it done.

Event planning

While it’s generally the duty of the residents, many a time, it’s the home manager who chalks out the events that are going to happen in the house. This is ideal for individuals who do not have much time in their hands to plan out events like birthday parties and anniversaries.

Naturally, the onus falls upon the managers who decide the theme of the party, get the party decorations and even plan out the food. Of course, they get prior permission from the inmates, but they get all the work covered.

Budget management

It is also the task of the home manager to plan the budget of the house. The managers generally get a certain amount in hand every month to run the expenses of the house. Within this money, they have to plan out all the finances and allot the same to the different departments to make the work easy.

Having a manager in the house has its perks. This is an ideal option for individuals who do not have the time to run the daily household chores. By having a manager, they can enjoy their own sweet time.

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